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Ram or Dakota 1 peice


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Hey all.

So im having no luck finding anything for my 2006 dakota short of front fenders from Hannemann which i already have. Ive been molding a 1 peice clip off those fenders and the stock hood, but with racing, i think it will be a waste of resources hand making a new one every time it breaks. Not sure how long my mold will last either.

So i think my next option is to just custom fit Ram 1500 glass to my dakota. The new rams hard edge body lines match up pretty well and the bedsides are almost the same size. A little tall but the wheel well distances from cab are about the same.

So as far as front clips go...where does collins get their clips for the KORE ram? I found a used rob mac pro 2 Ram hood on Craigslist so im getting that for test fit, but does anyone sell them for when i need more?

Thanks in advance


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Another option would be fitting fiberwerx 2013 dakota pro lite panels but i cant get them to answer emails regarding dimensions or anything.