Ramada Rally on OLN

Curtis Guise

Did anyone see the Ramada Laughlin Rally on OLN Saturday? I missed it but its supposed to be on again Thursday about 1:30. One of the Team Locos Mocos crew(the free baja pit team if you didn't know) has a rally car now and was one of the top finishers at that Rally. He has a 1992 AWD Turbo Eclipse, red white and blue. He had my on board camera in the car and gave the footage to the production company but they didn't get it in time. I guess they filmed him from a chopper overshooting one corner, its supposed to be in the show.


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That must be (Dan?) Brink. Yeah, he was caught-up in the red mist and tried to straight line a turn. Turned that Eclipse into a Class 9 really quick! Those roads were lightning quick. He got a great result at the end (if I remember correctly).

Happy motoring, Tim