Rams = Los angeles ?

blue dog

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whats the deal with the Chargers and the raiders all wanting to come to Los Angeles at one time ?
Rams owner deffinetely has the cash to do what ever he wants, but I was hoping the stadium would have been built in Carson. Much better spot then inglewood. Closer to 3 major freeways and not surrounded by crap. If the Chargers come to Los Angeles will they build the the stadium in Carson ? Who will foot the bill ?
Is the general consensus this is a good thing so far ?

Slippery P

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Inglewoooooood up to no good, you and every other tax payer in the county will foot the bill for the new stadium. That's how it was going to go down here, which may have changed but that's when I lost interest.
The best part was that the only residents who would have been able to vote on it were those who lived in San Diego county proper. North county, east county etc. would have no vote, yet would still be footing the bill.

I say bubye, the team is lame anyway, it's pretty sad this city has crap for sports teams.

blue dog

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Kronke can pay cash to build his stadium in inglewood. He already owns the land where the old Hollywood park horse track was.

If they build one in Carson for the Chargers or raiders, they will use borrowed money from the city I think.
I still think Carson is a way better spot for a stadium.

I would rather see the charges then the raiders. F the raiders.


It's starting to look like unless Kronke is willing to share a stadium with Spanos, the Chargers will stay in SD.

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blue dog

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We don't want the Chargers here anyway. Or the friggin raiders.