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Ramsey's last post...

Bomberos for Baja

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So sorry to hear this news. I never met Ramsey in person but we had a few good exchanges here on RDC. I had always hoped our paths would cross one day so I could reach out and shake his hand. Ramsey helped me to clarify a few things rule related back in 2012 that resulted in us being awarded the SCORE 5/1600 Class Championship. I will be forever grateful for his input and I will miss reading his posts. My heart is heavy, thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. RIP Ramsey.
Vaya Con Dios Ramsey! You were an outstanding individual and a true champion. I am Blessed to have shared some good times with you.

-Matt Scaroni

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B. Everett

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Wow. I'm floored. Ramsey called me the other day out of the blue to check on me. We had been out of touch for a bit and wanted to know my plans for racing. He wanted to team up on a big race. We caught up over the phone like we do after a race. He was going to pit with me at mikes peak challenge to help me get his old car up that damn hill as fast as it could.... Godspeed Ramsey

RFS Motorsports

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Wow, so shocked. Enjoyed racing and learning from Ramsey. He was always there to help and enjoyed being around him. We had such great times in Mexico! You will be missed! Godspeed Ramsey!


My favorite internet adversary. We clashed more than once but had some really cool private conversations. He was full of wisdom that money can't buy. I thank him for some of his insights. He will be greatly missed. Rest in peace brother.

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Man, so sad. Ramsey made the little 5-1600 a winner and never stopped from there. Touched many lives in this sport. Many will miss his magic touch.


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The off road community has lost another good one. Ramsey always said what was on his mind whether you liked his comment or not. He was a true BAJA racer who knew what it took to get to the finish line and was a wealth of knowledge. We both talked a lot about moving to BAJA and he beat me too it. I am glad he got to enjoy his dream destination of Cabo and passed peacefully there.
I am sure Jan is overwhelmed right now and could really use the off road communities help in some form or fashion. I am going to suggest making a donation to www.fast-aid.org in memory of Ramsey because the first phone call I got today about his passing was from Dan 200 wanting to get in touch with Jan to see how Fast-Aid could help her.
I am going to miss Ramsey's post on RDC and miss even more seeing this red head , freckled man with his horse voice telling stories about his BAJA experiences.
Via con Dios Ramsey you will be missed.

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Here is a great video clip of Ramsey testing the 1600 car in PC.



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He had me on ignore, but I will miss him.... R.I.P Ramsey El Wardani.....


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I am so bummed out to see this news. One of the greats of our sport. I consider myself lucky to have been able to hang out and race with Ramsey. I was really looking forward to a battle of the leaf springs at the next Mexcan 1000 with Ramsey.


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Very sad news.....RIP bud!!


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I'm Blown Away by this Sad News...:( .Ramsey was such a off road warrior.....He always gave me good advice....He also cared about people and what everyone had going on....He just called me a week ago to see how i was doing due to my wife having cancer and in the middle of a medical battle of our own....I have the recording on my voice mail on my phone still.....He invited me to have lunch with him anytime.....and wished my Wife & me a full recovery to get back to racing as soon as i can.....I always loved his stories and concerns....My Heart Hurts with this News....The Only Race i ever had a protest against us , we called Ramsey to see how he would handle it....He was a Man with Many Opinions and suggestions . I loved you and will Miss you Ramsey ---Stumpys Dude Ranch Racing Todd Stemmerman


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I never met him but the race he solo'd the 1000 in the 1600 car to Cabo I was working Score Ops-Cabo that race. Watching his blip on IRC work down the peninsula then getting close to timing out. I rallied RDC to support him to the finish. I left my post when I saw he was close. He crossed the line and popped the lid to the car and took off his helmet and I was right there. Shook his hand and said that RDC had been rootin' for him the last few hours.

Race in Peace "smarter than dirt"


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ramsey was a good friend and very generous soul.....he would help you and give you advise and his insight, EVEN if you DIDNT want it, haha.....i was just staying with him two weeks ago in sd and he was asking about all my kids, after telling him and about how farrah is an avid piano player, HE said "i need to get rid of this 80 yearold baby grand piano, do you want it???" yes, farrah DIGS it.......if you didnt like ramsey, its ONLY because you never actually met him in person....he was aggravating at times on the net but i could never be mad at him for long.......i love you ramsey.....good bye my friend......(i know men dont cry,......but i cant help it).....i miss you already....

Bdub 1020

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RIP Rams, every time we talked I just could not help saying to myself ( how can a smartass actually be this caring and giving haha) You will be missed and I am so glad you had the chance to drive a 10 car. You never were able to tell me how its all about momentum and driving skills vs just being able to throttle out of things. I will miss your smart ass brother. Peace Out


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I didn't have the privilege of meeting Ramsey, but I shared many of laughs with him here on RDC.

There isn't any thing wrong with crying about losing a friend Pete. I lost a good friend less than a month ago to cancer. He was young too, 40 years old. He was the same kind of guy as Ramsey it sounds like. I also found out on Thursday my dad's battle with cancer will be over soon and my dad is not going to win. I am not trying to take away from the thread and the memory of Ramsey, just saying that I feel for you guys that lost your friend. I know what that is like and I feel your pain.


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Here's an off topic video of our trip together to Pomona for the LA Roadsters fathers day roadster show. I TOLD him to wear a hat with a strap. I'm gunna miss you old friend.