Ranger long(er) travel for the A-arm crowd?


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I just saw this on another site- The pics were taken at the Expo (I missed it due to being sick)

It looks like it "might work with the 2WD Explorer as well?
Since RCD is in my neck of the woods(San Diego area) Im going to call them.
I'd love to remove my torsion bars on the Exploder

<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.offroadrangers.com/offroadexpo01.shtml>http://www.offroadrangers.com/offroadexpo01.shtml</A>


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Have you talked with any of the local fab shops about building something for you. I was in H&M last week and was very impressed by their stuff. I'm hoping to go check out the Baja Shop today. My Exploder is at MIT right now getting regeared front and rear. I dropped it off yesterday morning and they should have had it done yesterday but I had a rear axle that was wearing so they had to get one out of LA. They said they are totally done and the axle should be there this afternoon with UPS and all they have to do is slide it in and bolt the hub back together. It'll be nice to actually have some power and not fry my transmission everywhere I'm going. Now if I can just hit the Lotto numbers I'll be set!!!

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