Ranger motor swap from 97 to 98 4.0 OHV No spark issue!


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Hey guys I did a motor swap on my 1997 ranger 4.0 ohv with the same 4.0 ohv from 98 all I had to do was change the fuel rail and it was plug an play. It started right up when to shift it onto gear an it sounds if it stalled if it was a manual (it’s a automatic) so did some research an changed the cam sensor an harness an shifted just fine no issues. Then I came apond a misfire I can’t figure out. # 1 and 5 cylinder had zero park I know there’s three coils in the pack an those are on the same coil , I changed the pack out nothing happened I bought a new computer same thing happened got new spark plug an wire same thing. Checked my harness an the wires seem to not have a short all seem intact. I came across the wire diagram from the 97 and 98 coil pack an there different colored wires an seem to have two different coil packs or two hot wires I’m not sure I’m very confused an stuck any help would be great !


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