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Ranger Parts


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I have a 93 Ranger that was convieniently parked in front of my house when some chick decided to drive into it. With that said I'am now in need of a back bumper, tailgate, tail light, as well as a drivers side axle. I'm not looking to get ford parts for these. Where would be the best place to find these parts? I'm thinking the junk yard but are there any other companies that I should check with for parts?


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certafit (619.429.5500) in SD or any other collosion parts wharehouse for other areas.

Just call them up and tell them what parts you need. For the most part they will only carry cosmetics and body panels.

All really inexspensive and made out of the country


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you can have my black tailgate off my 96 ranger for free and a tail light that depending on which side you need has a crack in it but lets no light out for free also. but i'am in ventura county.