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HELP! I have had billions of problems with my power steering, and since I steer with one hand and do the gas and brakes with the other, I need to get a reliable set up. It's a 2wd ranger 2.3, and I race it a lot. I've tried at least a dozen stock pumps, and we now modify them to get rid of the stock reservoir to clear the dual carbs. (it's machined and plumbed for a remote reservoir) It's got the stock steering box also, both are '84 style. Typically, if it works, it quits during a race and I get a ridiculous amout of really violent and fast kickback through the steering wheel. Even in the straights, it'll turn the wheel one full turn one way and then the other in the span of about 1/2 second. It's nearly impossible to drive at that point, but I've unfortunately had to do it a lot. This weekend, it finally got my thumb, and I'm lucky it didn't break it off.

I'm most interested in tips/tricks to make the stock system work consistently and reliably, because that would be the easiest and cheapest. However, PLEASE let me know about any aftermarket setups that work. BTW, I've been wanting to install the 2:1 steering quickener that I bought 2 years ago, but since it's so tough to drive when it fails, I just figured that would make it worse. ANY SUGGESTIONS??

I can post pictures if you need them, but it's pretty stock.

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I would say a Ram is your best bet. You can have your pump reworked, but that is pricey.


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There may be another answer to your problem, one we have been briefly discussing under the "A-arm" post on the Shop board. That is hydrostatic steering. This is a purely hyrdaulic system, and pricey, BUT totally eliminates the mechanical system problems that hinder your control. If you wish to discuss this further, please feel free to send me a private message tonight and I can explain the system further and in greater detail-plus give you some pointers on an installation.

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Billy what class are you running in? Can you modify the steering (as in steering linkage/ tie rods) ?? Are you running stock steering linkage? If you are bump steer and other f-uped things about I beams are what you are having problems with when you lose power steering. Dude what are you doing to break the power steering?? We ran a chevy pump in the 7s truck I worked on and never had any problems with that part. We did lose sector shafts until we add a support below the pitman arm to put it in double sheer. Are you running a cooler? Maybe you are over heating it? I have run ford pumps dry and never had one fail. If you want PM me and give me more details.. I will try to help you out the best I can. I can also try to get you in touch with Darren York who owned/drove the truck I worked on. It is now owned by Joe Custer but Darren is the person knows the most about the truck on the west coast since Ed Frisk left to back east for Busch racing.

Good Luck!

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Although they have a lot of noise problems, those pumps have been fairly durable on the street. I'd say install a filter and a cooler. If it goes out again, buy a Chevy ;-)

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If he bought the Chevy, then he'd have the fuel pump in the tank whine instead of the Ford power steering pump whine...I'd take the Ford whine... :)


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got to give billy mad props, for those who don't know he races vorra 7 open and really does steer with one hand and operate both gas and brakes with the other, a feat i could never do. he has no use of his legs and ( unless he changed it) operates the throttle with a broom stick contraption and the brakes with a hand brake setup. it's really quite insane. just had to throw this info out there to tell everybody what an awesome guy he is.

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I think I found it... Thanks for all your suggestions, and I'm sure that even though this is an obvious result of our modifications to the pump, we still need to come up with something better. On another note, anyone know how much rpm a stock pump can take?