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Ranger Rick Mag brainwashes kids about OHVs


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Subject: Ranger Rick Mag brainwashes kids negatively about OHVs

Hey All,
Go here to see what Don Amador discovered:


Turns out the magazine, Ranger Rick, is funded by the National Wildlife Foundation, so this is how at least one environmental group is educating kids.

A lengthy discussion ensued on the board I got this from - OMRA is showing some stuff on their site that provides or provided - (I don't know if they removed it) fuel for the fire - so remember each of us is an ambassador to this sport and its future.


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That was terrible. That was pretty observant of someone to notice that the quad looked like a Jeep.


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what the hell! isn't that some crap. I can't believe the [I have been warned] that these people will do!

Boycott ranger D![I have been warned]


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Thats pretty slick. Kill 2 birds with one stone. Bash the Jeep guys and the ATV guys..Thats a pretty lame tactic if you ask me.


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Thats just sick and wrong, nothin like praying on the young and impressnible (sp) whats next teachin the kids how to set boobie traps out on the trails.


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That is terrible that the tree huggers are forcing there political agenda on youngsters who are easily manipulated. They should stick to there decietfull lobbying tactics where the legislatures laugh and take advantage of their feeble minds and ignorant veiws


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Paige, that was completely retarded. I liked the part where they advertise for their websites to a bunch of impressionable little kids!!
Or where ohv's pollute streams from leaking oil or gas... I guess the guy leaking that didn't get too far so they dont have to worry about them.
What a fantasy world environazi's live in...