Ranger transmission


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truck is a 97 w/4.0 stick. I dont have any carpet in my truckso I can hear the transmission pretty good, lately its getting a louder wine in all the gears except 4th . I've got 159,00 miles on it.Around 100,00 or so a rear seal was changed along with the oil. On my old ranger (92) the transmission started to wine also with around 110,00 miles.

Also kind of hard to get in gear sometimes I think maybe the slave on the firewall is bleeding oil by or something, I bled it about 2 months ago and some white shavings came out , plastic seal?

So anybody been in their transmission? Anybody with a whine also?


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Hey Craig,
Sounds like the bearing between the input and output shafts is starting to go. That bearing spins in all gears except 4th where the input and output shafts are locked together creating direct drive.

Some types of bearing failures might also contribute to diffaculty shifting due to shaft and cluster gear movement.

Hope that helps!


Krittro Campbell
I ahve always had the hard shifting...I was told that the ATF today is "too slippery" then when they were designed so when you come to a stop and then go to put it in gear and go it tends to fight you but eventually slides in...I was told that it goes in after some fighting because it is slowing down and then wil allow it too engage...and that is why other gears will usually slide into gear jsut not first...too much mechanical advantage.

Too fix this problem I use 1 quart 10w30 motor oil and the rest ATF...been smooth shifting since. I thought the transmission was junk since it never wanted to shift. Also I had developed a major grinding problem when shifting and it was that my MC was ripping off the firewall so it would not engage all the way since the whole unit was pushing into the engine comaprtment instead of jsut the shaft.

I think the input bearing is $80... or you can get a bearing and synchro kit for $250, but if you take the time to pul the thing out...slap in a new slave and use factory parts!