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Raptor Killer build.


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Hey guys new to the forum and to the long/mid travel game. I bought a 2014 Silverado and was about to dump around 3k into more suspension mods. I really want it to be able to roll with a raptor. So the truck is a 2014 silverado extended cab 5.3 full bolt on and tune. It has a mcgaughy's 8 inch lift on 35's. Nice truck but the suspension is not doing the job. I was going to build my own mid travel kit and wanted every ones advise before dropping 3k into it. Here is my mod list. Feel free to put me on blast as I want the truck to function well off road.

1. Full vertex shock/ coil overs from rough country should lower the truck about 2 inch's
2. Uni ball upper control arms freedom off road most likely
3. Custom bumps up front.
4. Rear custom bumps
5. Dirt king rear long travel shackles. (thought was it will lower the rear while adding travel)

So that's about it for doing it on a budget. My main concerns are that the coil overs are not the best choice for the money as well as the shocks. Also was wondering how much travel this should net me. I have a welder and can fabricate some stuff if needed. Was looking at sway away but their tech support kind of sucks for a new guy. Pick it apart guys. Thanks


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Air conditioned and heated seats? Leather interior? Heated steering wheel? Front and rear cameras? 450hp? 10spd trans? All kinds of cool electronic gadgets on the dash? Lockable rear end?

Not a "Raptor Killer"

Seriously though, good luck with your build.


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Its going to take more than 3k and a some home fab parts to be on par with the raptor. Have fun with your build and build whatever you want but it there is alot mor to a Raptor than some shocks.

jon coleman

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i would spend All 3 k on shocks,the biggest & baddest that i can stuff in the limited room, , then worry about bottoming out later( this is fun spending 3k I dont have!:D.) what i mean is get the Maxx travel available to cycle the full amount, shock s are bypasses of course, solid hiems, the constant clicking is quite hypnotizing


I don't see that combination of parts hanging with a bone stock Gen 1 or Gen 2 Raptor. Your going to end up with a $3000 combination of parts that aren't going to drastically improve upon the stock ride or the stock wheel travel numbers. When it's all said and done your 8" lifted truck is probably going to disappoint you in regards to the off-road performance increase for the money spent.

I won't get too in depth regarding the Rough Country / Freedom Offroad parts but those two pieces aren't even going to keep you in a Raptor's dust. That McGaughy's 8" subframe style lift isn't meant to see rigorous offroad use... it's a lift kit designed to provide a "look" and to clear a larger tire. Jumping a truck with an 8" lift is asking for trouble. Moving rearward... the factory GM leaf spring pack was never designed to provide big travel numbers... it was designed to be able to haul sheet rock and tow trailers. No shackle can fix the limitations of the factory leaf pack for offroad use. Heck, one of the most common upgrades on the Raptor is better leaf packs. Before you spend money on custom bump stops for the rear suspension you'll want to get a proper leaf pack and shock mount setup. Save the money you didn't spend on "bumps" and put it into better shocks.

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