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Rare Toy Zone Trophy Trucks & Buggy's For Sale

Hey Guy's I have those Rare Toy Zone Trophy Trucks and Buggy's for sale no parts missing I have 4 Trucks and 2 Buggy;s that are 1/18 also have the mine ones too so check my ad in the RC/Toys ad
I know you guys have been looking for these toys so make me a fair offer you won't find them in any store toy zone is out of business.they are all in great shape never played with displayed only,
OK now all you Guy 's and Gal's on this sight and no one is interested in these really cool toys that look just like the real thing. Now I will go down to $525.00 O.B.O for all 16 trucks and Buggies large one's and the mine one's which is a great deal when I saw one on e-bay sell for $100.00 and now for $525.00 you are getting a total of 16 cars.that have never been played with only displayed.They need to go to a good home instead sitting in a box where no one can see them!!!!!
OK here is my bottom line for all 16 Trucks and buggies $350.00 Firm and it docent get any better then That.pick up only & cash payment only.
I can't believe that these toy's have not sold!! OK I will drop the price one more time and if they don't sell they will go back in my garage in a box. $300 Firm P.S. I DON'T WANT TO TRADE FOR ANYTHING CASH PAYMENT ONLY. Thank You.


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I think the issue Dezertrat1 is that they were toys that were all the same other than paint. They were not made to a die cast collectors quality or detail, they were a novelty. I also think the price hurts. I have seen these online a lot selling for the complete minis set (which are 1/64 not 1/32) selling for $100 including shipping.
First of all the big one's are 1/18 scale and I saw them sell for $100 each and one sold for $60 so $300 for a total of 16 car's is a great price I think But that is my option and we are all entitled to are own. Thank you D4D.