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Alright everybody, I would like some critisizm on these a-arms that I built. They are the umpteenth revision, but first working proto type that I have. My buddy and test pilot (Rod Wells) is going to run them on his '02 Chevy Stock this weekend in the opening round of the CORR series in Dresser, WI. since my truck still isn't done...

We had to use all the stock pivot points, so we only have about 10" of usable travel. Managed to get four Bilsteins mounted on top there, not an easy task. And we didn't have time to 'pretty' them up or paint them.

Here's picture #1. So what do you think???

#817 CORR Stock


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well..... Your getting better..


Krittro Campbell
How come nobody rallies to change the shock rule to be able to run reservoir shocks? I spoke with hoeker on this and he was saying that it is too bad thats the way the rules are...4 emulsions per wheel is standard for that class it seems, but one 2.5 or 3 inch res shock would not only be cheaper, it would be easier to design for and tune....


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I didn't build the old set, that was a different butcher. The old ones only had 3 shocks, and gave about 6 inches of travel. I think we made major improvements in getting another shock plus 4 more inches of travel. We are using all of the available angle that the ball joint will give us. The geometry for the most part is good, from what I've measured. At full droop we have 4 deg. neg. camber, and at full bump we also have 4 deg. neg. camber, and it never goes less than 1 deg. neg. camber. Caster gain, now thats another story. With the stock pivot points... let's not go there. I haven't tried to check the bumpsteer yet, so we'll see on that. Like Kritter said it's stupid that we have to run 2.0" emulsion shocks, but those are the rules. If I could fit five shocks I would do it and add another.

I'm sorry that I don't have any laser cut parts to show off. And I don't have access to a tig welder, so they aren't all pretty and stuff. I should also point out that in the first picture everything is just tacked in place and not trimmed for tire clearance yet either. And there are already a few changes in plan for the next set that will go on my truck.

#817 CORR Stock

John Bitting

Bill, keep up the good work. Everyone has to start somewhere. I dont even have the tools to build what you have built so far. Let us know how they hold up. Good luck at the race.


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what you guys call ugly in those arms are all features that are required because of the rules in place by CORR. bill, i see some creative ways around the problems you encountered building those arms, and see potential for them to work as well as possible. i do see a very weak point at the half way point of both arms, you should do a little reinforcing there if you can.

as far as the 2.0 shock rules go it is rediculous but when i brought the issue up last year most of the drivers didn't even want the rule change. 2.5's or 3.0's would never happen but 2.0's with res. would be a significant improvement even if they limited it to 2 shocks per wheel.

see ya at the track



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all I cam say is they wouldnt win a show contest but sometime the ungliest and most f'd up stuff wins they look like somethink I would build
cuz Im not a really good fabricator I just make it and if it doesnt break run it!!!.....Mike


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Just go out and race with them. Who gives a rats ass what they look like. Your racing CORR!!! Not many people here can say that. Hope you have a great season. Ross, is the truck ready?? i wish you the best of luck too.


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Just because there is no dimple dies and TIG welds does not mean there is reason for "no comment"

Go get some media coverage with those bad boys and I will cheer you on...along with Ross!!!!


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I didn't know CORR trucks were RHD.

It's the Peter Principle as applied to racing. The fab quality level rises to the limit of the rules and what gets the job done. Ultimately it's about winning races, not how pretty it is. How pretty it is MAY help get sponsorship, but that assumes the sponsor knows what they're looking at. And that's asking a lot.

What I want to know is who is going to be the first with a moncoque TT or 1 car chassis. It CAN BE DONE, who's gonna step up ?


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The fab quality level rises to the limit of the rules and what gets the job done

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Just look at The Piece! That thing looks like it was hit by a nuclear bomb but the damn thing doesn't break!


Jerry Maguire
Re: "What I want to know is who is going to be the first with a moncoque TT or 1 car chassis."
What is that?