Raymond Cage, Nam war story

Aug 18, 2001
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Raymond Cage, Sergeant.. 2nd of the 47th, 9th Infantry Division..mechanized.
Vietnam, '67 to '68


CH-46, Vietnam conflict

The 1st American casualties (4 American, 8 British) were from that OLD CH-46...this thing is so F**G old, they were using it back in 'Nam!!?? The father of the pilot (Camp Pendleton?) pointed out that the crash was probably due to mechanical failure (dust in engine, engine seizes, a/c falls out of sky, gas detonates, explodes in flames..everyone dies).

So, I was just reviewing my old Vietnam videos, & ran across Raymond Cages interview on "Seven Views of War"..saw this footage of the CH-46, so I thought I'd share. Sgt Cages comments on his 'Nam war experiences are pretty relevant, & echo some sentiment on RDC:



Raymond Cage:
The -United States Of America- made me a warrior.
Basically all human beings are warriors..
You have people that say...

Well, i just couldn't kill anybody
I could lake that person make them a RUTHLESS KILLER.
That same person that said that..

Because the life force... DEMANDS.. that it goes on
& you can't get by that
& I went that way.

[ battle footage.. carnage, gunfire, destruction, etc, etc ]

Drafted from the streets of Los Angeles,
Raymond Cage was sent to fight a war he didn't want.

[ yeah..like, who in the right mind wants war??!! Bush Jr does. He got a "free ride" courtesy Daddy Bush, & was clowning around in the Texas National Guard chasing cows on the Tx/Mex border. He & his buddies thought it was funny. Well, I don't think it's funny. You need a war veteran to be a politician because: they KNOW the horrors of War, so therefore they will do EVERYTHING possible *politically* to avoid the final desperate act of War.

"If a man hasn't found something he is willing to die for, then he isn't fit to live."
-- Martin Luther King, Jr

Bush Jr apparently never was a real patriot of America, otherwise he woulda served his a** in 'Nam. So, now he EXPECTS the "flower of the youth" to do his war-bidding. That's as low as it gets. They teach leadership @West Point, & they tell officers HOW to command the respect of your men: you prove to them YOU can do what you expect your men to do for you. Bush Jr failed in this respect. I'm sorry, but everything in offroad racing & my military history "hobby" has taught me to "Go for Gusto, Go for the Overall!". Nothing half-way ]

But once he got there, he learned to subjugate his feelings, but let the warrior
inside him loose..

Raymond Cage:
I was sent there to KILL.
Kill or be Killed, simple as that.
A rifleman is sent strictly to MAKE contact, & MAIN-TAIN contact

Jan 23 1968, shortly before the Tet offenseive, Raymond Cage went down, hit
by rifle & machine gun fire.

Raymond Cage:
Something out of the pages of ancient American History hit us.

Captain tells us..to get on line.
We marching a sweep thru this basecamp..he has no idea.. of the force that's in there..none of us did. I took about 3 or 4 steps..then a blast of machine gun fire came at us,
all my squad... they was just WIPED OUT... they was just CUT DOWN.

I was taken out of action in 3 hrs, they couldn't just take you out [ immediately ]

I went to Bien Hoa, I lay across the captain who gave this
STUPID order, I looked over & said "this happened because of some stupid a** [daddy didnt love me] you just done."
& all he said was just "give Sgt Cage a beer"
they shot me full of morphine, so I was..so I thought I was General Cage then..but I was..
[ convulsive laughter ]

Throughout the history...the black man in the United States..from beginning til NOW..
has fought for ever inch of ground that the United States has covered.


foot blown off by landmine


sharing a cigarette


"Dustoff..Dustoff..request Dustoff"..from "Heroes" (Pat Brady episode, legendary Dustoff pilot)

I'm not speaking
primariliy of race, BUT..

Of all veterans of all wars
I'm proud to be part ofthat. You have 2 different idealogies here in the United States.
They walk parallel today.

You have one..that was brought up for PEACE.
You have another.. that was trained for WAR.
I was the one that.. was trained for WAR.
I am a WARRIOR of the United States of America
I'm a part of every war that ... WAS, IS, or that ever WILL BE.
Each person is deserving of his rights, & the fight is HERE..in the United States
this is the ship I sail on, if this ship goes down, I'm gone.

[ translation: this is the REAL patriot speaking, "I serve in the military to serve my country..to preserve the freedom of it's citizens". 99% of the people in this country never contributed one IOTA to their country..most people TAKE IT FOR GRANTED, that someone ELSE sacrificed them for their privilege to live in security.

"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country"
-- John F. Kennedy
[ JFK served in WWII, PT Boat commander ]

Did Bush Jr 'haul to 'Nam like everyone else, like JFK to South Pacific (like Bush Sr)? Nah. Got a "free ride" from Daddy. Daddy's boy! ]

I fought for this ground.
And, where these shoes cover... I cover that ground...that's ME.
[ music "Run thru the Jungle" by Credence Clearwater Revival ]
so...you might say, that... I'm proud to be an American. And, I'm INIFINTELY proud
to be a black man.

Man, this interview ROCKS. (I'll shortly upload the interview with Dave Baggett, a white dude who was a Marine "Super Grunt". His interview is just as good. Lots of insight & knowledge from a veteran). Raymond Cage correctly pointed out the "2 parallel paths" of War ("hawks" who are eager to fight) & Peace ("doves" who are peace-niks & kinda wimpy). I'm against this illegitimate war (military power used inappropriately), BUT..there's a part of me who can UNDERSTAND the view of a gung-ho military type who is eager to stand up for the principles of the USA. Except, a mistake was made by Bush Jr in making USA the *agressor* in Iraq, thereby creating the world *percpetion* that USA is a bully. Bad News, given the history of conflicts. Like JrSyko pointed out, the agressors have lost.

Raymond Cage also points out some of the stupid a** s**t in the military, like dumb orders by stupid officiers or FNG's (f**g new guys, who haven't the experience to avoid mistakes). So far in Iraq, we got MORE killed, by our own f**g mistakes: CH-46 crashing (12 killed), Patriot missile shooting down a British jet!!??, 14 odd people (one just died) from a "fragging" incident in the 101st. I have some video of an interview with a Vietnam vet who talks about the "fratricide", friendly fire incidents. It's APALLING.


sobering reminder of the Casualties of War

I end this post with a question:

"Was it worth it? Was it worth it me running thru the jungle [ try to save his fellow medics ] & earning 2 Bronze Stars? [ Hamburger Hill, famous battle ]"
-- James McCallister (african-american), Vietnam vet, medic

Answer: it ain't worth one casualty, let alone a death, to mess with that banana republic dictator Hussein.

Back to the CH-46 that crashed. Did you see the comments on TV about the 1st four American KIAs?


1st 4 American KIAs


How many mothers are like Melissa Derbyshire? Who didn't call a press conference, about her son Brian Kennedy.


Brian Kennedy


"I was really lucky to know my Brian for so long, 25 years"


When a father finds out his son.. is dead.


"I want President Bush to get a good look at this. A real good look here."
It's the ONLY son I had. [ voice breaking up ] ONLY son


[ he was obviously against the illegitimate "war". No stupid boner by Bush Jr, his son is still alive..PERIOD. Bush Jr sacrficed the "flower of American youth", for his little political ambitions. Loser. ]

Kendall Bay was the only son he had, & Kendall had a son himself


Kendall with his son, fishing


"I'm going to miss..all of it [ fishing ]"


Commentator: And what's to become of him?.. young Kenneth, now that he has no dad.

More families ripped up, more mothers heading into a long tunnel of grief

Iraqi kid busted up, in tears (compare to above)

And, the Iraqi side? There's no knowing, even how many.. or who?
Or how their families are coping. But we know these first few, the 1st accounting of the dead..

Bush Jr has blood on his hands, American blood. That father who blamed Bush Jr for his son's death..let me tell you something..if this WAS a legitimate "war", he NEVER woulda said it.

If you have parents of KIAs protesting the "war", America is in deep DEEP s**t.

"After Vietnam, I learned that I will never trust what the American Govt tells me"
-- Jack McCloskey, disabled Vietnam vet
[ similar to what offroad-racers hear from US Govt. Public Use land is unfairly being taken away. Offroad racers find themselves in the awkward position of being at odds with the US Govt, just like Iraq is. Big Brother Washington = power-tripping fools ]

"Go for the Gusto, Go for the Overall"
-- Robby Gordon, SCORE off-road champion


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Apr 5, 2001
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the father of the killed soldier changed his tune once he calmed down. he later is quoted as saying the protesters should back their troops and their president, and their time would be better spent volunteering or picking up litter.



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Apr 12, 2001
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dude you need to remove robby gordons quote from your username. not one thing has ever been earned without taking risks. yes this war is a big risk, for lots of reasons.when its all over and the iraqi people are liberated will you then change your tune? the people of iraq want this to happen, look at the joy they expressed when the u.s. marines ripped the pictures of saddam off of the walls of their city ,they were overjoyed and thanked the marines for coming there. they were even chanting"america!". why dont you go live there for a while and see what it is like to be oppressed. you have been free for so long that i bet you cant even imagine what it is like.peace is for the weak, and in reality does not exist.their will always be someone pushing the little guy around. you view it as the u.s. pushing iraq around, i view it as iraq pushing its people around and we are here to help.back to the robby statement i made , he goes for gusto, the overall when he gets in his racecar/truck. he is taking a chance , without doing that he wouldnt be where he is today.