RDC / DP stimulus package - $5 & $10 DVDs & Shirts at the expo this weekend!

buddy crisp

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Hey Curtis, please put me down for a ten dollar box!!! I will see you tomarrow at 5 or so. I am getting there early to make sure I get one of those free hair cuts and now one of your ten dollar boxes!!!

Curtis Guise

you can buy all the boxes you want but I would rather have one of the DVDs or shirts if I were you.... ;)
Some of the DVDs on sale will be DP1, DP2, Gription plus more. Shirts we have some random RDC ones and older DP ones.

For our regular priced shirts we have a new RDC classic shirt color, Navy. And we are fully stocked now on the black, white and red classic's, RDCate in black, white and sand. And Dezert People 6 shirts.
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buddy crisp

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AHHHH TOUCHE' ok you got me, I should have known better than to mess with the keyboard master of the RDC. I will probably rather have shirts and a DVD or two also.....so let me know where you will be I will come see ya!!!!