rdc leadfoot series


Every Thursday Night 9pm PST we will play on our server.

- The track will rotate every week.
- 3 heats 20 laps each.
- Game settings: Tire wear = yes, Handling = 60%, Damage = off, Starting grid = low rank first, Vehicle = Open
- Points will get collected and carry on to next weeks race.
- 10 players max due to the games limitations.
- The server is public so we may have non-desert racer type people be part of it.
- Prior to the heatrace we will have a quick 3 lap race to make sure everyone has a good connection.
- The game server is open 24/7 for practice. Anyone can be host. During the event I am host.
- No reverse driving on the course. One warning, then you are banned
- Make room as you get laped. A couple of warnings and you are banned
- Clean driving. No nerving. Too many complaints and guess what ? Common courtesy is to slow down after you made someone role to give him a chance to catch up with you.
- The first 2 weeks we will run the demo tracks so new player can join with the demo version. After that you will have to have the full version. Its only $20 everywhere.
- CRB issues are held openly BUT all results are final by me. I will race as well, but if a.) you complain about me having too much of an advantage or b.) I start winning too much I will drop out.

Current server IP is:

This Thursdays track will be "Francias Field", so practice and get your settings right.


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This is cool, there is a server that will record your time and calculate points. Its calledThe Online Speedway-Tos. You can race there as well to see how you fare against others online. If you want link let me know. Vtr Racing


Hey Klaus,


If you are going to be the "Reese King" (CRB Marshall), you must look the part.

1) Get a buzz hair cut.
2) Get a pair of disco sun glasses (lightly tinted).
3) Answer all question in three words or less.
4) Speak in phrases of two words or less.

BTW, I looked for the "read-me" file on the CD on how to make truck skins but could not find it. Where else can I find a how-to on doing this?



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Curtis Guise

Hey Pat, I used to be into Quake and Quake 2 for awhile. I messed with skins back when Quake 1 was big. I know you could modify them in photoshop, you would just have to use the corret color pallette, and you could even make your own wireframe models to apply custom skins to with special 3d programs.
I am sure it has to be similar for this game. I haven't even played it yet but I want to... I need to lap Klaus a few times ;-)
Maybe I will check into it soon. I am sure there has to be player home pages with info just like there is for Quake. There are a million skins and models for Quake and other games that you can download.




on the cd look into /data/mods/ExtractPF.txt. It talks about the skins.


Administrator is the IP and the game is on in 20 minutes.


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Just got the game today. It rocks. I am looking forward to the next match on Thursday, if I can make it.