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i put that site into an online dutch translator, it kinda makes sense..................

You should wonder yourself still why those Americans were will fight this way on burned there in the desert: they are enraged on play about in sand.

Whereas the American troops fight in the Iraqi desert, life ordinary Vs-burgers that substance is also gladly up to himself in their own desert. Cars converted with pick-ups, buggy's and to desert monster and hotsen tear them in truth Mad Max-stijl concerning arid plains and dunes, where they bang regulated on each other.

Not zomaar a hobby, but a truth sport, Desert called Racing. You come everything on the site know race Desert there.com, where you including at and - reports can examine, as well as photograph and videos (also buy!) and you also left to Internet sites of the desert find racing teams and manufacturers of woestijnbolides.

Particularly it is impressive, however, the vehikel of Curtis Guise and Klaus Rasch (the man behind race Desert.com): huge Toyota Camry which were converted to radio-conducted racewagen. The carriage also acts in the Desert Racing-films which twists Guise, from which is a clip to see on Tech TV.com.

External left
Race Desert.com
deZert People, the movie

Tech TV.com: ' World's most bizarre RC car '


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I don't speak dutch, but my friend at work does... Here's his translation:
While the american troops were in the iraqi desert, the us citizens like to be in thier own desert. With pickups, buggy's, and desert monsters, custom autos, tear in crazy mad max style over arid planes and dunes. Where they race and thrash on each other.
Not so much as a hobby but a true sport, called Desert Racing. You can learn everything you need to know at race-dezert.com where you can see race reports, videos, and photos, (and buy them). You also have links to racing teams, websites, and aftermarket parts manufacturers.
Particularly impressive, however, is the vehicle of Curtis Guise and Klaus Rasch (the men behind race-Dezert.com): A lifesized size Toyota Camry which was converted to be radio-controlled. The car is also featured in a desert racing film produced by Guise, and clips of the video can be seen on TechTV.com.

External Links:
DeZertPeople, the movie
Tech TV.com: "world's most bizarre RC car'

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