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John Bitting

Had a great idea (at least I thought so) today. I went to dinner with my dad for Fathers day and I was telling them about the drinking fest, my bad the RDC bbq yesterday, and thought to myself what better place then at his house, Huge backyard and in Westminster, half way for the LA people and about the same for the Inland group, the great thing about it. A POOL, thats right an RDC pool party lets say mid july, nothing else going on... Let me know what you guys think....


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Gabe Lara

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....Like Sam the Butcher bringin' Alice the meat.....

A pool bash sounds like a good time. (read:drunken haze) I don't think backflips off the roof will go over too well, but....
Und vie musst bringt more carrot cake for Dr. Klausenstein! Und more meat for Paul!

Thanks again to JB and Jen for letting us terrorize their home.....Next one I'm bringing m sleeping bag!!

John Bitting

Gabe thanks for the Carne Asada and Pollo, it was awesome. I still have your cooler. The only way you can get it back is to come for the next party... I have a feeling that you will need to triple the order of meat this time. Dont worry we will collect money for food and beer to help subsidize costs. :)