RDC Party

John Bitting

Wow, what an amazing party...

I want to thank the following people for there very generous donations to the cause...

Alan Plueger - Collins Motorsports
Scott Steinberger - PCI Race Radios
Jeff Dickerson - Dickerson Motorsports
John Hoffman - Mark Miller Racing
Chuck - rdc login "fabricator"
Doug Powell - Team Powell
Gabe Lara - RDC
Curtis Guise - Juice Designs
Steve Sourapas - Corona Racing
All the readers that would send drinks over to us also..

The party was awesome, the turnout was the best yet. More then we could have imagined. I think a lot of readers got to put names to faces and meet new people that they have watched race over time. Racers included but not limited to, Jeff Lothringer, Jeff Lewis, Larry Roeseler, Scott Steinberger, Kreg Donahoe, Ty Godde, Doug Powell, Daniel Rodriguez, Jim/Joe Patelli etc...

Highlights of the night

No draft beer, Corona and Coors flowed all night by the case. Also mixed drinks came into play all night also. I figured RDC should do it right and have the good stuff. Met Daniel while gambling, I could not figure out where I knew him from until I found out he was the guy in the 5-1600 in the dezert people video that the roof was crushed and he was talking about seeing things at night. It was killer to meet him. Dana Nicholson also came by to hang out for a little while his new video sounds like it will be pretty bitchin. Everyone I met was super cool and I enjoyed hanging out all night. I could type for hours on the night so I will keep it short. Thank you to everyone that showed up and hung out with us..


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Great party guys! Amazing how many Coronas were polished off that night :) The party made it possible to finally meet a lot of people on this site. John, Gabe, Klaus and RDC crew it was a pleasure meeting all of you and hanging in the choo-choo bar. Also it was great meeting all of the following: Paige, Kreg, Sheri, and Rick of the Donahoe crew. Cant wait to see his spec truck. Fellow air-cooled class 10 racer Jeff Lothringer and team and family. Jim Patelli and crew, truck looked good Sunday Jim. Finally met Jeff Lewis, looking to see some great stuff out of his shop soon. Ty Godde, great hanging with you as usual, glad you sold your car Sunday so you can start your new ride. Jason Hutter, congrats on your 2nd place finish, and good meeting you. Scott Steinberger, you looked great out there. Saw awesome to see you stay out in front of Herbst! Ellison team, great meeting you up at your pit. Thanks for the San Felipe tip. As for racing results, it was great to help out two teams this weekend. Nuckles Racing of Class 12 and Dennis Kordonawy of Class 10. Two different extremes in terms of results. Nuckles had tough luck with an engine failure in the first mile, and Dennis won Class 10 with VW power by 10 seconds! Rory Ward how come you weren't at the party? Bruce Landfield, I stopped by your trailer about 4 times to chat, but you were gone every time, pretty busy I guess. Again, thanks to RDC crew for the party and great meeting everyone.