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RDC Trip to Baja Portalegre 500 or Oilibya Rally Morocco??


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Baja Portalegre 500 is 10/27-10/29 (a Thursday, Friday, Saturday) and located about 150 miles East of Lisbon and you could get away with being away from home for less than a week. Short event but easily spectated given its condensed format similar to the just completed Italian Baja. Flights out of Boston/NYC are around $650 right now.

Oilibya Rally of Morocco is 10/1-10/7 (a Saturday to a Saturday) is about as big as a Rally-Raid gets outside of Dakar, much more difficult to spectate (hell, to cover the event as a member of the official press is going to run some $2K) as locations will change every day, I assume accommodations will be more difficult, etc. if you haven't paid to be on some sort of tour with the event. Flights out of Boston/NYC to Tangiers/Agadir are just just of $1K. Would have to be away from home for almost two weeks.

I REALLY want to go to one of these as the time commitment and cost of spectating Dakar is a bit much for me but these fit in with my budget/time constraints (read: Wife will kill me if I essentially take a month off for Dakar).

Would anyone from either side of the Atlantic have a desire to join me on such a trip or know that they are already attending one of these two?


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I honestly think you should save for next year's Desert Challenge. Massive event in terms of area covered in Liwa desert but still compact enough to be around the same bivouac. And you could always meet some of the RDC'ers so will be a cheaper trip

Depending on work commitments and our race schedule (we ve no idea when the dates are published) I might go to Morocco for a few days.


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So, it appears I will be heading to Morocco come October. I want to go a week early or leave a week later so I can get some hiking in as well. But I should be on site for the last tune up before Dakar at which we can expect the full Mini, Toyota and Pug teams to show...

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