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So what direction should we take ?

Give us some feedback. Before posting read the next post.


From another thread.....

Stan posted:

I'll throw in on this one since I'm one of the most hardcore stock poser web wheelers on the planet.

If you would like to keep this forum "dezert" related, then a change of description on the main board would be advisable since the description for this forum is "anything you would like to share with the world". Now that right there just opened the 55 gallon barrel plus some.

The other two boards I frequent, (heck, the wife is accusing me of living on one) are well ran, and are broken down into forums and the threads pretty much stay on topic. Both boards even have a "General" type forum for all the chit chat BS that everyone has. Now on one board, the general forum is a free for all; and pretty much everything you can think of and stuff that you can't imagine is discussed on there. Heck, yesterday, there were links to a Navy video showing the testing of a C-130 taking off and landing on a friggin aircraft carrier. The trash talking at times is unbelievable. The other board where I live, the general forum is pretty much a free for all, but it's a lot tamer than the other board and there are ground rules. Hopefully that will give you an idea of the attitudes, if you want to check them out go over to ColoradoK5.com and Pirate4x4.com.

Now onto my point. The camaraderie on these boards are great. A lot of the people know some other people and there are trips/parts sales and whatnot that are started right there on the boards. Now onto my second point. These two boards have some vendors that are regulars on the boards. Heck, some of them even have MONTHLY give aways to members and the prizes are not stickers or anything like that, but parts. Parts that one person doesn't have to spend the money on. This stuff is well advertised and the vendors get more business by working like that.

As for competitors hanging on the boards, one board is owned by a racer. Now I'm talking rock crawling comps here. That board, the last I knew had over 13,000 members. Not all post or read, but a good portion of them do. There's a really great chance of being able to get answers from the people who know what they are talking about.

*DISCLAIMER*This is my opinion and my opinion only, I may be wrong but this is my take as an outsider looking in.

I think the major problem in general is the overall attitude of the dezert world. Now let me elaborate. I've been on e-mail lists and hanging here for the past four years learning everything I can. I know several racers and others who have/were involved with this sport since the dawn of time. They never come here. The races I've been to I have seen and been amazed by the helping hand one racer gives to another (and even received that help on one occasion). That spirit is always talked about. That same spirit also resides in the other forms of off road also. But I think with the dezert world, it's somewhat cliquish to the point that if an outsider is around/speaks/asks a question, the "clique" clams up. Now an argument against that statement is I've been offered help by two members here (Thank you Jerry and Eric, y'all will be bombarded shortly with questions and requests) for a tech article I want to do. But it's taken 4 years to stumble onto that. I've been fed bits and pieces over the years, but I've waited this long to recieve answers I was searching for. It may of been the way I was asking the questions that was getting me the answers I was, but my opinion I don't think so. I think it's the attitude of the dezert world and because it's really small. The center of the world is pretty much in SoCal, with more in AZ and after that, there's few people outside of those states that know the dezert.


Now this is just my suggestion and my suggestion only. You may want to spend some time checking out those other boards. Just spend a few days reading posts, checking out the format and get a feel for the attitudes. Then chew on those opinions you form for awhile and then take the parts and use them, tweak them for over here, whatever, and throw the rest out. Maybe even ask some questions of the board owners, see if they can't help you in the quest.

Me personally, I know nothing of bandwith costs or any of that other Internet mumbo jumbo except that 28.8 rocks and DSL kicks a**. But maybe disecting the board and breaking it down into more forums might help. Maybe get a couple of fabricators/vendors in here and give them their own board so they can answer questions/tech about their products. Open Tech up wide open. Instead of having a "shop" forum, have several different tech areas for different vehicles and such. Have a tech section on how to go "low-buck." Not hillbilly, redneck or ghetto, but a learning area for people who can't afford to pay the fabricators or really want to build on their own. Approach (if it's been done, forget this next item) the race organizations, have them sponsor their own forums on here where RDC gets some cash and people can ask questions or give feedback about the races/rules, what have you. If the growth=$$$ is something that is a problem, offer a membership program. Someone pays $25 a year and gets a RDC sticker and special features of the board that non-paying members don't get. Last but not least, the Classifieds section bugs me. Is there anyway you can have a couple of forums on here instead of the separate area?

In the end, that's just my view from an outsider looking in.

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klaus posted:
11/01/02 05:35 PM
Re: I hate Halloween [re: Stan]


good idea. I am familiar with the two mentioned websites. I also visit other websites (non automotive) and look at their community, following ship, message board, sponsorship relation etc. A lot of the things we have done over the years are ideas borrowed form other websites. We also constantly play with new ideas. Test new sections in the background. Most of them get ditched cause they don't seem to work or are too complicated.

There is also another thing to consider. What is in for us or why are we doing it ? It started out as pure love for the sport and all the people that actively support this page have that drive. We go out and do stuff for the page for free. For the last year or so we run banners and they do pay for hosting fees and a little bit beyond.

For the last couple of month I am playing with the idea to make this website a fulltime job for myself, but don't fully see it happening. From what I learned from this industry is that its small and also slow (A lot of old school people, that don't use the internet and are hesitant to new ideas). It's not freestyle MX even though just as exciting.

Would sponsors be willing to pay more for their banners ?
Moderate tech forums for money ?
Would the classifieds users pay for their ads ?
Visitors sign up for memberships in return for a sticker and a club member card ?

All in return for us stepping it up ? Covering more events in written word, picture and video. Run real tech stories (Not the I advertise with you and give you a free set of seats for a good install story review ones). Interview icons of the sport. Cover cross sport venues like RC-Car event, Rally, CORR, Paris2Dakar, Desert Racing in Baja Sur etc ?

Desert Racing is a small community. I talked to Pat Chicas of Off-Road.com the other day and they focus a lot on the 'other' offroad because that's what pays the bills. At heart he likes desert racing the most, but for economic reasons can't devote 100% of his resources on it. A lot of the desert racing vendors that are our target sponsors are much smaller companies that either don't have the big budget to coin money into a website OR are too slow and behind times* to consider it.

In any event we enjoy doing what we do with race-deZert.com and will continue to offer a website. If there is no money in it we may slow down but wont quit.

* Note: We haven't approached every single desert racing related vendor on support, but that's the general impression I am getting.

motoxscott posted:
11/01/02 05:44 PM
Re: I hate Halloween [re: Stan]

You've got some pretty good ideas going Stan. Maybe John and Klaus could make up some sort of form and see what types of things people would like to see here?

Maybe it's time for race-dezert to go to the next level. Maybe even a small membership fee to help out with thier costs. Look at motonews.com they used to be free, then they went pay-per-view and have only gotten bigger and more popular.

I'm sure people who use this site would kick down $5-10 a year to use it. After all, you could save hundreds by getting the correct advice here, so it already pays for itself.

Just some thoughts I had, maybe race-dezert can pick up online where dirt pilot ended. Make it the premier offroad (truck/buggy) site.


I would be more then willing to pay a yearly fee to have access to the site if it meant taking RDC to the next level. I would love to see more features on the site such as interviews from racers on how they began racing, or from some of the top fabrication shops on how they started their business to where it is now.

I visit this site daily and have learned a lot from the 6-7 months I've started coming here. Unlike other boards I visit this one gives you the chance to learn from all walks of life in the offroad industry, from the little guy like me who can give you some daily advice about your little Tacoma to Trophy Truck Drivers to Fabricators, Engineers, etc, etc.

If paying a yearly fee of $20 (or whatever) means bringing more features to this site I am all for it. I'm sure we'll lose some people but it would be for the better.

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more info on how to build stuff, begin racing, class comparisons, etc...

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maby a real time chat room, and certian days of the week have guest

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A better signal to noise ratio. How to achieve that I know little about, sorry I'm not much help there.
I have been on a number of lists. I've cut that down to 3 and one them isn't very active. One in particular stands out for it's ability to take some 'tomfoolery' w/o the whole list degenerating. Most of the regulars have a feel for the limits and those who're new and don't know them get gentle reminders.
I've tried the Pirate bbs, something in their programing hangs my computer every time I visit. When I asked about it I was told that I shouldn't use Netscape, they only program for I.E. and that info was delivered with an attitude. I figured they obviously don't want me then.


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Well since it looks like I started this whole thing i feel I should say something. The whole reason I made the post was because it was Halloween, if it were any other day of the year I wouldn't have, but I thought I might share a Halloween story with everyone. I wouldn't have posted it if I didn't think it spark a good conversation. My intent was for people to share related stories with one another, but it ended up going on about me which was exactly what I didn't want it to do. I thought it might be a little fun if everyone had a funny or important story, it could have been anything as long as it was about Halloween, whether you like it or hate it or whatever, it seemed to be appropriate at the time because it was the holiday because that was the subject of the thread. I didn't have any intention of trying to keep the thread going for as long as possible, just for that night or the next day after I posted it, then it would go away because I certainly don't want to see it every day. I wouldn't have made the thread if I didn't think I was in the right forum. The forum was whatever you would like to share with the world, so naturally I thought whatever, just a general conversation about anything including dezert, or even just whatever you had on your mind. I realize this is a dezert site and that is what most of the threads are still about, and that is perfectly fine, but I thought there was 2 separate forums just for this reason. I guess I was not clear on all of the specifics of the forums, the names are pretty self explanatory which is why I made the mistake, now I know better. So I wouyld like to apoligize to everyone on the board, but you see how I could make the mistake.

Now I can't help but think all this fuss over little ol' me? Well in my opinion it can't be. I have only been on here a short time but it seems I see things like my post atleast once a week. Most of them are in the whatever forum which makes since to me, that is where they belong, but I see these in other forums also, not very often but I do. Also it looks to me like some people can do this and no one gives it a second thought, I know I don't, I enjoy these kinds of posts, but it seems it is this way with people who have been on the board longer rather than ones like me who haven't. This also happens when a "new guy" makes a ligitamate post and all of the "veterans" jump all over them.

In the end I would like to say I love RDC, in fact I am addicted to it. John and Klaus, you guys do an excellent job running the site, to me it improves every day with every post and every picture. I can't think of more than a couple of ways to improve it. I like some of the ideas that have been said so far, but I actually think it should stay the way it is. Having a realtime discussion is a good idea, but what if people are busy and can't get online while the discussion is going? That is why posts are good because that person might have important info about that subject and no one will see it bacause they weren't there to reply, in a post they can reply when it convinient for them and everyone who is interested will see it for sure. Also I like the idea of a fabricators/racers forum where they can post and everyone can ask them questions on the subject. I don't want to see RDC become a paysite but if it becomes impossible to keep it going and that is what comes down to then so be it. It is awesome that this is free service, and I know if it became pay then it would be because of expenses, not profit. So I will pay whatever cost (as long as it is reasonable) to keep RDC going as long as it stays at this quality, but I would hate to see it come down to that.

P.S. Don't change the "Classifieds" section, having it that way is one of the reasons I became so addicted to this site.



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I'd like to see more input from fabricators and racers rather than Joe Shmoe highschool kid with a tube bender and dad's stick welder. I completely understand why the people that "should" be posting on this board are being driven away by the post whoring kids that have no clue about the very advice they are offering. I am on this site every single day, but I don't even post once a month. Its just not necessary, nobody cares about my opinion since I don't have any credibility in the fabrication or racing fields. However if I have a question or actually do have experience enough to provide an answer to a query, I don't feel intimidated post. Its a great atmosphere, but lately its been more of an offtopic chat room (which isn't necessarily a bad thing), and there is an ungodly amount of misinformation being posted by ego driven do-it-yourselfers. My only suggestion for the forums are to limit new users to one post per day or even per week. They need to learn how the place works before they invade it. As far as improving the actual site and content, I would like to see more Skunkz and detailed project features. Preferably with accompanying articles or fabricator comments explaining why they chose certain materials, structures, geometry, etc, on the featured project. Maybe even a technical term glossary you could point the newbies to. Racing and fabrication is a hard thing to dive right into. I think it would be helpful to have a beginners guide to racing with class explanations and rules, and a beginners guide to fabrication that would answer the common questions. All in all, you guys are doing a great job, I would just like to see more helpful knowledge and useless post prevention. Thanks again John/Klaus for providing this site, from which I have attained more info than I could ever ask for!


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Here's my suggestion that I have been selfishly harboring for quite some time. Ok, ever since there were a few times when RDC was not accessible.

My thought was to charge a yearly membership to offset the cost of running this site. I was also thinking along the line of $10 to $20 per year. Similar to the Dusty Times, as a Fair member we pay $15 even though I can read it all in about an hour. It's not about the return for the subscription as it is to help support those that support us.

Keeping the idea of a subscription based site, I would also second what was previously mentioned about a membership card that has its rewards. I wouldn't be surprised if many retailers would offer a discount to RDC members as it may bring in business. I'm looking at buying a momo or sparco steering wheel for my bug. My only decision is what retailer I will visit to make this purchase. Without question, I would visit those that would be included with a exclusive membership.

Prior to making the classifieds a pay per ad venue or a membership, I would look at expanding the RDC store. I would start with the basics that most people are currently using. RDC stickers of all shapes, sizes, and colors, RDC beanies, RDC hats, are products that you seen any time you go a race. How about an official RDC key chain. That way when you're handing you keys to a valet on a date, he'll know that you're not just an asphalt pounder tearing up sidewalks. (For those of you who haven't seen an RCD Suspension key chain, they are a mini traction bar. This could be an example of the RDC key chain.)

There are many avenues that we can explore. It's just takes some thoughts, suggestions, and those willing to step up and help out.

(For all the RDC critics I would be willing to volunteer my time to aide the advancement of RDC. maybe a creation of an RDC committee of board of directors
Yeah, maybe more specialized forums.

See http://www.ezonemag.com, click on Discussion. The message/reply format is similar to race-dezert.com.

It's a small niche group (R/C aircraft fliers), but they somehow have got a large following world-wide. They apparently have good support from vendors. (one does periodic specials, with a splash on the front page).

They recently have created more specialized forums. The only difference I see between them & race-dezert, is that their client-base is *world-wide*. The #1 thing about desert-racing, is it's a very localized (geographically) market. How do you get readers from all over the world? Maybe you have to expand coverage into rally-racing (which is big internationally). If you goto http://www.speedtv.com, the category off-road is all rally-racing. Dusty Times does this also.

Like in anything (like a nuclear bomb), you need critical mass. I don't know if desert off-road racing has that (or ever will). I was cruising some South African off-road sites, & they do a little racing there. See


(when I was in Zambia in 2001, there was a rally race over there. One of the F1 rally races show on SpeedChannel was in Africa, really interesting terrain). They have some really active off-road email lists in S. Africa, the volume is unreal. You get like 100 messages a day, talk about chit-chat. A lot of their issues are the same as here, their beach access is getting taken away because of people who leave trash behind. Their opposition (hotels on the beach) labelled them in an article, as a bunch of "hooligans". Sounds like the Glamis deal over here.

Look what happened to CART vs IRL. Teams are leaving for the bottom-line: $$. Sponsors want exposure (the Indy 500), & CART made some serious mistakes in marketing. Ganassi & Andretti are following Penske. The best racing doesn't necessarily win in the bigger picture.

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Yeah, just pro racers with 10+ years of racing experience are the only ones who have a valid opinion and should be the only ones who can post on rdc...........How freakin boaring would that be! Pro racers don't comment often on RDC because they already have the resources and knowledge the rest of us are trying to aquire. If RDC was all tech, all the time, people would rarely visit the site. Isn't the website business driven by hits on the website? And as for the yearly dues, thats the last thing most people want, another damn payment to make. I think the RDC crew works very hard and deserves to get something in return for it. Make dues OPTIONAL. Have a page that explains the time and effort involved in running the site and have a paypal account set up. Mabye once members reach a certain number of posts send a email that politely asks for a donation? Then post the peoples names who give to the site.

I like RDC as is. If you have dsl you can easily read through all of the new posts nightly in about 10 minutes. So what if there are some kids that visit the site and make stupid comments, if you set them straight instead of flaming them they would learn the facts correctly. Did everybody here start out knowing everything about off-roading and have an unlimited budget? I give props to the kid with the tube bender welding in his backyard. If we help that kid out he may build his truck right and not kill himself!


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race dezert is the premier off road racing site for me. i live in mexicali, mexico, race a bug, have 2 kids and manage 3 restaurants, dont have much fun all day except when visiting this site. i ocasionally check other sites like dune-buggy.com and offroad.com but im hooked on the RDC website.

John and Klaus are doing this pro-bono and everybody else (including me of course) are eager to comment, post, learn, buy-sell and get up to date race info for free. It just cant be lke this forever.
They started something good and are at a crossroad where its time for everybody else (us) to help them give this website its due credit. Im just a mexican racer with no budget to race Score races, but not a cent less involved in racing than the Herbst guys. The weathermans wows for the 1000 is the same thing thats hapening here. Nobody want to pitch in...
Though i praise CODE's races often on this website, and try to promote racing in Baja (where it belongs), i still moan about the lack of promotion by the racing organizations, including CODE, were fronting our money and toys, and stil pay a lot of money to race. if PRO 10 and pro 16 can get organized regardless of being enemies on the course, getting the RDC comunnity organized should be easier.Yould may say "whats with this opiniated beaner", which i may be at times (opiniated, but not a beaner) but i am one to try and get people together to help each other. If nothing changes, klaus is coming to Codes next race with almost all expenses paid, because i was willing to put 2 minds together. I just emailed Klaus with an invite to come on down, and emailed CODE that maybe klaus would come down. They said "Tell him to come on down, hotels an beer is on us" since then Klaus allready has an invite to get drunk at the contingency and vist Club San Diego (klaus know what im talking about) with a couple of racers that dont even know him, but wanna show him a good time just hes a visitor, racer an have heard about his website. he allready has an invite for tacos in san felipe, breakfast or lunch in mexicali for the whole crew on me. What do i get out of this ? if im lucky, just a hangover, some good stories and maybe a new racing buddy with the best website for offroad. its good enough for me.
I wont even be able to make it to the Contingency and klaus allready has a couple of guys waiting on him. CODE gets promoted on RDC, RDC gets promoted in Mexicali. Im sure CODE wouldnt mind paying a little ad for theyre next races, even if it means having to party with the crazy ass german again.(just kidding Klaus)

what would i like ?

more videos, more tech articles, more race stories, no paying anything...

what should be ?

1.- Sell some stuff, like somebody pointed before. A lot of people wouldnt pay, but would buy stuff. (i would pay an anual fee gladly )
2.- Anual fee towards a raffle to acompany for free a trip to cover the 1000 with the RDC crew.
3.- a couple of bucks to download videos donated by us.
4.- Classified may die if payment is needed.
5.- raffling out donated parts to cover costs of covering some races. (dusty times sell papers to pay for covering all the races they cover)
6.- Anual fee would include 6 newsletters a year, with advertising/specials from vendors, special reports, not included on the website.
7.- Expand its coverage, with flyers, stickers, free booth setups at races, etc/..... (id be willing to promote RDC in mexicali for free and relay info on races.)
8.- New sections regarding race info should pay something. ( i post Code's race info for free, and im sure at least 1 guy is coming down here to race, because he saw/heard somethng on this website) so Code, Score, FUD etc,...all race info should include some kind of fee for posting its race info fliers here.
9.-develop the crap forum, for everything that shouldnt be posted in the everythig else forum.
10.- a good example of a good tech article: try tech tips on dune-buggy.com and look for a transmission article done by some guy named Erick. Even has pictures of all 4 kinds of reverse gears for VW's. fabricators should be "convinced/forced" in some way to post something good once a year.

What should Klaus do..... ?

klaus, i know what you need to cool of some steam.......A weekend of free parting in Mexicali and San Felipe, 120 cars racing 200 miles, the desert and sea of cortez...and some snatch by the pool....... how about next week...on us.....oh and lets not forget a trip to San Diego, the other SD......

am i off the mark ???

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Aaron, I think you misunderstood me. Of course this board shouldn't be strictly for the elite few fabbers and racers that frequent it. If you have a question, by all means, this is the place to ask it! I'm just asking for some sort of prevention for the blind leading the blind. I am a do-it-yourself backyard fabber myself, but I come here to learn and ask questions, not fuel my ego by increasing my post count and answering questions I don't have any first hand knowledge of. The last thing I want is bad advice from someone that "seems" credible, and endangering myself or others when I follow it. Ok, I'm done ranting :)


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I think, for the most part, this is an excellent board. Not allot of flaming crap that some of the other boards have. This is a great community on here and most stick to the point. Some even solicit input on other topics on here, such as myself. Case in point was some issues on schools state tests. All of the info I recieved on here, I brought to the school and showed it to them. Some of you may know what I am talking about. The principle was quite shocked. I thank everyone who posted. Back to the point, if it isnt broke, dont fix it. Klaus runs a great board, lets keep it that way...... Thanks for providing this site for us..................
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As a wannabe desert street queen, here is is what I think. I'm a pretty shy guy so whenever I went to a race or an event or show or a shop, I usually keep my mouth shut cuz I'm intimidated (for no reason, just the nature of the beast I guess) and would just observe. Now I regret this because had I known I was going to be sent to Oklahoma by the Air Force I would have opened up my mouth more. My problem with the desert community when I was starting to get into it was not really elitism, but I felt if you weren't in the loop you didn't get by very well. I have a ton of friends that have so many hookups and it was just crazy, I'm too shy to even ask for hookups. Its not like I need hookups, but come on, in all fairness, it would cost me twice as much to build my truck then some of my friends just because they knew each other pretty well. Its a tight knit community, its just really hard to really become a part of it.

Problem for me is resources. I want to build my truck. When I get my house I want to start welding and building my truck. Now if I was in California still it wouldn't be that hard because there are so many people with experience fabricating and can help me out. But here, everybody gets 6" body lifts and thinks a muddy truck is cool and don't wash it for 2 months, go figure. So everybody just looks at me funny when asking about putting a bed cage in or whatever, they just ask why and we never get to the design stage because I don't truct anybody here. I was putting on SAW coilovers on my Tacoma at the base garage and some guy with an F150 asked how much it cost, I told him and hes like "Sway-Away? never heard of it but you could have done alot better with cheaper like Rancho..." Just really annoying now that nobody knows anything.

My point is I would like to see more articles by fabricators on how to do basic stuff. How to Build a Bumper. How to Rebuild Shocks. How to Build an Engine Cage. A Bed Cage. Whatever. I think it would help out alot if experienced people would just take pictures of the process of building something. I think it would help out newbies alot and people who don't exactly have full access to SoCal resources (I know Ed Quinn probably feels the same as me being he is from Texas).

Dillon Poole

Jerry Zaiden

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First Klaus does this whole web site for FREE. Other than a few banner spaces that only pay for the server but not his time. What if klaus made RDC his full time job? He could make it the best off-road site period! Tech info, better skunkz. How to, and install sections.
Now how would he do this? Spend long hours each day hard at work for US.
Well I think he should charge for his classifieds. Why not? I feel he has one of the best places to sell offroad race / prerunner stuff. $10 per add and $50 per race car / truck. Run till it sells.
Now he could make enough or almost enough money to make this site a full time job for himself. I KNOW he deserves it. He has worked so hard for a few years for FREE to give US this site.
Some might say the classifieds might fade away. Why? Where else would you sell your stuff? I know every thing I have sold on this site has sold in 1-3days! I would pay whatever it took to sell it. 1) it supports Klaus and his site. 2) it is the best place to sell this stuff.
Now what can this site do better for US? What can you do to make it better? Pictures from all the races. Desert and Short course. Rally as well. Pictures of what a Trophy truck is all the way down to what a class 11 is. Tech info on how to get into racing. What you need and what to expect.
Tech area called 'Ask The Pro" or something like that, an area where people can get good sound advice. Info on where and when the races will be.
Klaus keep up the good work. I know you will provide a great site for all of US to go to.


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I agree with Jerry! This sight needs to start charging some money. If you can't afford an annual membership of $20, then you need to switch hobbies. Maybe if people had to pay for classified ads it would clear out some of the crap (stock bumpers and bald tires). I think Klaus and John are doing a great job and they deserve something for it.



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I agree, I'm more then willing to pay if more content comes (hell, I'll pay anyways). I'd love to see more tech stuff and class rules broken down, I agree wholeheartedly with you Jerry.

As for classifieds, I agree, if someone can afford to spend a grand on some bypass shocks I think they can afford $10 to sell their old ones. If it weeds out the crappy ads thats perfect, won't have to dig through all the crap to find the gems.

Just out of curiosity Jerry, you remember me? I was at the Off Road magazine shoot with Jordan and his stickered up Tacoma. I don't think anybody ever remembers me so I was just curious, lol.


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yup, charge a couple of bucks for parts ads, a little more for truck or buggy ads. Where else is some dude from San Diego gonna find out I have a set of Deavers for sale in San Gabriel, and arrange to meet at an MDR race to sell them? I'm not going to use Dusty Times for something I want to post right now, this afternoon. I've also been able to "advertise" when we needed somebody last minute to help at an MDR or SCORE race. That's a lifesaver. We could have a category reserved for each upcoming race, to update and inform in an organized manner. You might pick up last minute volunteers or arrange a ride for someone without reliable transportation (been there, done that). Go ahead and charge a few bucks a year, and throw in an RDC shirt, sticker, or other propaganda with it. And a numbered sticker for your ride like a car number ("553") for the windshield. If I was driving down the 15 at night and saw a broken truck with a RDC member #1234 on it, I would probably be inclined to offer help. And cheerleaders. we need cheerleaders in RDC uniforms!


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Damn - see what happens when I spend the day in ER (5 staples in my head - dang surfing) and miss my usual RDC boards check.
I think I had some part in starting this by stating that IMO the whatever board was for just that - whatever on the aforementioned post. Personally I love RDC. I am addicted as I think most people here are. I have been watching the site for a couple years now (check the boards about 6 times a day), and just started posting a couple months back. This place has the best classifieds by far, however I do think it'll fade if there is a HIGH fee for posting and ad. I think a couple bucks is doable (maybe it'll even get rid of the guys selling stock fenders for $400 ea!), but $10 or so might be a little steep for guys like me selling used fiber or whatever.
As far as the other boards go - I disagree w/ Stan. I think dividing the boards into more will just loose people. I am currently on about 4 tech boards, and a couple of them are divide into Driveline, suspension, engine, etc. I, and most people I know tend to stay on the general forums of those boards. I think if the RDC shop section were divided into something like that, it would just be annoying, and each board would only get a new post every once in a while. I personally only read the "Shop", "lookout", and the 2 "general" boards, and can do w/o the "whatever general discussion". BUT, if that was taken away then the typical posts on there would end up in the shop section or general race section again, so that is a tough call.
I would be willing to pay the yearly fee to get my questions answered, and just to read up. Heck I read all day on this stuff and love it. I try to keep my posting to a minimum since I realize I don't know it all (or squat for that matter!).
Ok that sums it all up, other than giving credit to the guys at RDC. This site rocks - thanks for all your hard work. Steve