RDC's story and interview with Nasser Al-Attiyah

jon coleman

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i like when he finds out w t heck is waiting for his bk1 adventure, oh, an awd mason tt, nice, me ?, my head would go* POP*!


Prerunning on bikes, my teammate’s hub/sprocket broke and bent. We were in a very remote area near RM 640 fearing that we might need to find a ride out. Nasser was first vehicle to show up. He was extremely helpful getting out and helping us pound the sprocket “flat” and bolting it back on with the remaining 3 bolts. Great attitude of “you can do it!” Jesse hobbled about with his cast also. My encounter showed that Nasser has the Baja spirit! Also a thank you to the 2 golf carts that helped especially Mike (Dynamic Racing?).


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All this is a far cry from everyone's opinion of what Nasser was like before anyone had met him face to face (many comments on the Dakar thread over the years). Great to hear some first hand genuine experiences and that he's got the spirit. Now if someone can convince him to head to KOH, I'll buy them a beer.
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I met Nasser at Contingency.
Got a pic with him and Toby Price as well.
Nasser was slowly walking down contingency, taking pics with every fan that approached him. Never hesitating and always had a smile, from what I witnessed.


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Great story and read. Sounds like he's an awesome dude and hooked on Baja. We always need good drivers to follow


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Would love to see him convince Toyota Gazoo to build him a purpose build Baja truck for racing in Baja!!