Ready for the Baja 500?

Baja Tracking

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The Baja 500 is right around the corner, get your team set up with Baja Tracking! Coverage for the Baja 500 is just $140 (Race & Chase1) and just $45 for additional (Chase 2,3,4 etc).

$140 Price includes:
Activation for both your Race ROMTraX and Chase1 ROMTraX three weeks before the race so you can message while Prerunning. Receive 100 messages above the 10-minute tracking.

Receive 10-minute Race-to-Chase updates telling your team ACTUAL RACE MILE & SPEED (not just a LAT-LON position like with InReach). You no longer need someone back at home relaying position reports thoughout the day and night. Free race update forwarding to any email.

Send Messages between race and chase vehicles, post to social media, write emails, and send/receive text messages to and from any cell phone.

Fans at home can view location of race and chase vehicles on live race day map.

Programable and easy to use virtual buttons. Use emergency HELP!!! button if things go wrong.


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Two ROMTraX units (Race & Chase1) is $749. Additional units are $399 each.
This is equipment you own!

Call David for more information: 801-836-5198

*Racers who purchased first gen ROMTraX or Text Anywhere units can upgrade to newest model for $25 per unit.


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We have been running this the past year at Bevly Wilson Racing and it has become a must have for Baja! It is awesome getting updates on the race truck on a consistent schedule and a great way to communicate with not only the race car if needed, but also other chase trucks. I have also used to email back to the states to get updates on timing and position. One of the best things you can have in your chase truck!