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Real Threat to Pismo / Oceano Dunes - CALL to ACTION


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I cannot believe this has not been posted anywhere...
There is major concerted effort by anti-OHV activist to end OHV Recreation at Pismo, one way or another, little by little, and finally, all together.

Join the Friends of Oceano Dunes to stop the over reach! Sign the petition, contact the powers that be, Donate to the cause, and attend the meeting.

The Coastal Commission just released their staff report for the upcoming meeting on Thursday, July 11 at the Embassy Suites in San Luis Obispo.

The staff report is now available on the Commission’s webpage here: https://www.coastal.ca.gov/meetings/agenda/#/2019/7 (click the Thursday tab and scroll down to agenda item 12a).

As you will see staff is recommending closure.
“In short, the status quo at ODSVRA is clearly not sustainable and it is time to more fully understand and evaluate other public access and recreation options that are consistent with coastal resource protections given the current realities that affect and are affected by OHV activities at this shoreline location. Put simply, in staff’s view a Park that is fully consistent with on-the-ground realities, and with coastal resource protection requirements, does not include OHV use. Rather, it is clear to staff that the significant coastal resource issues and constraints attributable to OHV use render long-term OHV use at this location untenable.”

Coastal Commission has provided an email address where people can send their comments: OceanoDunesReview@coastal.ca.gov

Here is the newsletter that went out.

Ol' Curmudgeon

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Writing was on the wall when they closed the Oso Flaco Lake Road access. :(

Ol' Curmudgeon

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Been years of complaints form downwind locations, unknown if valid, but lots of complaints.

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So if they close it, what happens to my reservations and all the others who have them beyong July 11th?
The town will basically dry up and go away if they close the dunes. Lots of family owned business that have been there for generations supporting the OHV community will be out if bussiness.


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The downwind complaints have been bogus for years. One of the fire stations that does monitoring compared day use numbers with particulate counts. Had nothing to do with day use and everything to do with speed of wind. Go figure. But if the goal was to end something you are against on religious grounds, then how you get to that number doesn't matter, does it?


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Kind of hillarious-

"The mission of the California Coastal Commission, according to its website, is to protect and enhance the state’s coast and oceans for current and future generations “through careful planning and regulation of environmentally-sustainable development, rigorous use of science, strong public participation, education and effective intergovernmental coordination.”

They do this by not allowing people today to access the beaches.


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I saw a headline from the LA times yesterday that said 'Off Roaders Refuse to be reigned in at Pismo Beach'. Reigned in? You mean they still want to recreate on teh same 800 acres they have been for decades and now taking it ALL AWAY is considered reigned in by the Liberal Media?


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No visible presence from the manufacturers; one man in a Polaris jacket and backpack. Also curiously no presence from the RV manfacturers. Considering the amount of money in RVs and toys out there on most weekends, I would guess closure represents a sizable hit to them. In fairness, the Coastal Commission staff report was very late in being released and released over a holiday weekend. So it was a rush to get response.

There were some very good points presented from local and San Joaquin Valley business owners. Some toy hauler trailer sales provided good comments. Greg from Rugged Radio gave a very compelling discussion of what the Commission's decisions would mean for his business. Rugged Radio had a large presence in the audience, I think there was probably only one or two folks remaining at their shop. The regional manager from Vons/Albertsons was in attendance. It was reported that half of the Grover Beach Vons revenue is from tourism visitors and that store has the highest volume.

Packed house; filled two overflow areas and the main meeting room. One Commissioner admitted she would have never thought vehicle use on a beach was acceptable. But after hearing the testimony her mind was changed.

The Outcome:
Oceano Dunes SVRA will not be immediately closed. Nor will the Coastal Commission staff's recommendations be immediately implemented. The Coastal Commission granted one year for State Parks to complete the Public Works Plan.

It is clear the Coastal Commission does not view OHV as an acceptable use for a coastal state park. Read page 58 onward.


Are you "offended" by a southern Battle Flag?

Interesting how they had to throw that in there when talking about the off road community that showed up.

At least now I get to continue with my planned vacation trip to the dunes in a week.
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My point is that it's not a "good optic" in what will ultimately be a political decision. And the off road community doesn't need any more political negatives than it already suffers, especially self-inflicted.

Are you crusty enough to recall the Oso Flaco Road access, and being able to drive on Pismo beach as well as Oceano's?

I can recall my dad flooring an old Caddy down that beach, grinning as he terrified Mom.
I didn't move up to my current area until '98 and didn't really start doing the dunes until after '02ish. I was in San Diego from '85 til '98. Came from Daytona Beach Fla where I was stationed for 4 years before getting transferred back to San Diego. You could drive on the beach there. I'm a Native Texan by birth. :cool:

I agree on the "Optic" and the way the media pulls that one out for no reason other than to paint us in a bad way. If they would have gone down to the beach, would they have mentioned all of the Mexican flags flying there? I doubt it.

And what does a southern battle flag have to do with closing down beach access? Absolutely nothing. Just there way of trying to paint us as a rebellious, unruly crowd.


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This is a Religious battle. Those that worship Gaia will try to stop any and all activities they find offensive, whether truly damaging to the planet or just perceived as such. They f eel they have the moral high ground just as a Vegan does when chastising someone for killing harmless animals to eat. They cannot 'Live and Let Live' with those that do not share their values. It needs to be fought as such.