Rear Bedsides on a 93-97 Ranger


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Hey guys,
I have a quick question for any one who has time to answer it. Is there a way to mount rear bedsides on a Ranger and still use the tailgate? I would like to keep the bed as useful as possible and maintain effective wheel travel as well. Let me know.

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Ive seen it done before. IF its anything at all like a Toyota double wall bed, you should have no problem.

Just drill out all the spotwelds along the rails, front part, and misc ones at the rear, peel off the outter steel walls, and mount the glass. Drill, and bolt on.

You will have to pull the bed back about 1-2 ft from the cab to get at the front spotwelds.

Ive done it to my Toyota, and it is great for camping, hauling the YZ and stuff.

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I don't have any pics of it, but I did it on my girlfriends 89 Ranger.

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