Rear coil spring rates


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I decided to go ahead and run a link-style rear suspension on my Toyota. I am going to be running a set of 14-inch King coil-overs on the rear mounted just slightly forward of the half-way point on the lower link bar. I have a single spare tire and an 18-gallon fuel cell mounted behind the rear axle and I am looking for suggestions as to where I should start with the spring rates for the coils. I know that I am going to have to fine tune the rates once the coil-overs are bolted on and the truck is running through the rough stuff, but I would at least like to be close out of the gate. Thanks in advance.

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Need just a tad bit more info.
Length of trailing arm???
inches in wheel travel.????
unsprung seight????



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hit <A target="_blank" HREF=></A> they have a new spring rate calculator that you enter in your figures and it tells you a starting point. Don't know how accurate it is maybe Donahoe or Camburg could enter some real values from their setups and see how close it is to the real world...Curt

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forward of half way is a little to much of a motion ratio.
at half way the spring rate on the shock must be 4 time the rate that you want at the wheel. for instance if you wanted 100 lb/in at the wheel which is a pretty soft rate, you would need 400lb/in at the shock and with dual rate that puts the two coils in the 700 and 900 lb range.
a 14" 900 lb coil is a marginal design and is prone to coil bind. Eibach's heaviest coil in a 14" 3" ID is only 600lb/in and only has 6.84" of travel. 2 of these coils wont even give you your full 14" of stroke and would only give you 66 lb/in at the wheel if mounted half way.
if you want to bench race on the subject feel free to give me a call at Donahoe Racing 714-632-3033

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how do you determine how much travel a spring can have? is it listed anywhere? thanks

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