rear end gearing


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I have two rear ends. without pulling them apart can somone give me a general idea of the ratios? 84 2wd shortbed toyota and an 87 shortbed 2wd toyota.

84" / one rotaition of wheel = 1 3/4 rotation on driveshaft

87" / one rotation of wheel = 2 turns on driveshaft

The 87" is geared lower but any clue as to roughly what ratio? Just curious.

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From the information the ratios are 1.75:1 and 2:1. I would double check the driveshaft rotations again because those ratios seem too high. Just divide the number of driveshaft rotations by the number of axle rotations and that is the ratio.


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My guess is the 87 is a 4:10 to 1 ratio and the 84 is in the low 3's ( I don't know toy gearing)



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I checked with Toyota before I changed mine and they told me it was 3.59. If one of the rears is still in the truck you should be able to check from the door sticker. Right now I dont remeber how to check, I'll look at my truck in the morning and let you know.


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if its a little less than 4 turns than you probably have 3.90:1 That is a common toyota ratio. 3.55:1 is another ratio as well as 3.34:1