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Rear End help for 95 toyota pick up


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sorry for this question but I've researched google for a bit and I'm still somewhat lost. I recently purchased a 95 toyota pick up with custom log travel suspension (front) but the rear is completely stock. In fact it may be less that stock, seeing that a few parts are missing lol. I was wondering if there was any kind of swaps i can do ( as far as rear axle ) to extend the rear end? If so, can someone direct me to websites, or locations where i can gain some knowledge in this. Thanks!!


That's a pretty sweet looking front end. Any more pics of the truck? As far as rear-ends go, a lot of people swap in the T100 or Tundra rear axles. I don't think they would be as wide as you would like though depending on how close to the front width you are trying to get. I have a TC Gen III Caddy Race kit on the front of my 90 SR-5. It widened the front about 5.5" per side. I ended up having RuffStuffSpecialties build me a full floating ford 9". I measured the stock Toyota Rear WMS-WMS (58.75"), and told RuffStuff to make me a housing that was 10" wider (about 68.75").

I know this post is old, and you've probably since found a solution if you still have this truck.

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97 8.8ford explorer, rear disc. dime a dozen after market parts, ratios, 5×4.5 b.p.leaf under. which is preferd. u can run a spacer setup with a offset wheel to match .that or win lotto.drive line is a custom deal, but relativly cheap.

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I don't know if diamond axles are still in business. They build custom Toyota axle housings. I believe trail gear also builds custom Toyota housings as well.


I have a '93 pickup with a +5.5 per side front end.
The rear, after alot of research, is a 06 tundra rear end.
5.29 works well with 35" tires