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Rear Glass for 1st gen 4Runner


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Does anyone know of any rear bedsides for 86-88 4Runners that will work with the stock rear door/ tailgate? I know that the regular pickup bedsides will fit but most rise a lot right under the lights so they won't match up with the rear hatch which is longer than a pickup tailgate. I was thinking of modifying some glass to mount somewhat like what they do for Explorers and Broncos, Cut short of the rear, so as not to have to wrap around the corner.

JohnThomas Sorrels


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If your original bedsides are in good shape, consider the Hanneman 2 inch flares. This is what I ended up doing. They open up the wheel well a lot. I was able to cut out almost all of the factory bulge. Be prepared to fabricate new tubs, as you will be trimming beyond where the tub meets the fender. It was a pain but worth it. Hanneman's picture is attached. I was initially considering using truck glass and I think I have a couple of pics of 4runners with truck glass. I will see if I can find them.

Jeff Posey



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Thanks for the reply, I have found that the bedsides that Hannemann makes for the Jeep Commanche line up pretty decent, the bottom bodyline is almost right on and they look really good, thats what I will be running.