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"REAR LIGHT BAR" Wiring to a ranger


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Hey guys,
I'm new to the forum. I wanted to see if anyone knows what wires to tap into
to wire a rear light bar. I found the wire for the reverse light but cannot find
The correct ones for the brake/running lights.
97 Ford ranger 4.0
Any help would be great
Thanks in advance


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Generally Left is Yellow wire, Right is Green wire, and Tail Lights/License Plate lights are Brown wire, ground is white.... But you may need to look at a wiring diagram for your specific truck....


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I can't even find one for my truck. Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place
I just looked at a Ford schematic wiring diagram..... Brown wire is definitely tail lights and license plate lights.... All the way from the headlight switch.....


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Ok so what about brake lights?
Left Turn and Brake are Yellow, Right turn and Brake are Green... All of this usually goes through the turn signal switch to make the turn signal and brake light work on the same wire..... To solve this, just add separate brake lights and turn signals the way European cars are designed.... They have separate lights for brake and turn signal..... Like I have on my race truck....