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Rear Shock Position and Mounting


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In the process of designing my rear cage for the 88 Toyota. What is the best shock angle to mount the rear shocks from on top of the axel to a mounting point on the cage? Setup: Deaver 62", 11" shackles mounted on top of the frame, limited to 18" of travel, SAW 2.5.I have seen shocks mounted vertically and as wide as possible on the axel as well as shocks angled toward the cab as wide as possible on the axel.Thank you for the help.Also, any idea where to purchase weld on mounts for the shocks?



Krittro Campbell
Doesnt the software you used do dynamic modeling? If so just do the testing on the computer and then you will have a good idea where to go. I used Solidworks and the dynamic modeling add-on to do analysis on a ranger. I found 10-15 degrees to be the best. Good luck.

I would double check the rear half of your bed cage with some stress analysis(also part of your software package, hopefully). Looks cool but not as strong as it could be. Just my 2cents.


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If you have 18" of true wheel travel and a 18" stroke shock you might want to try mounting the shock as close to a 1:1 ratio as possible. I have always found that using all the travel in the shock keeps the shock cooler as well as making it much easier to dial in using the full stroke. If the shock is leaned forward at all you will loose shock stroke as the rear end travels away from it. Just my 2 cents. Check out the attatchment. This was a truck I did about 7 years ago. very close to 1:1 ratio. however it only had about 14" of travel so the cage was not nearly as high as yours will be with the longer shocks. Good luck.



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You should continue your angled down tubes all the way to the back of the frame (at least to the shackle mounts) to give the frame more rigidity. It is not good to design with "dead tubes".(altough you may end up with them for other resons).