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rear suspension ???s


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did anybody else notice the rear suspension on the pro stadium truck(s)? it got me to thinkin'.....as much as i would love a big bad ass 4 link in the back of my truck, i don't think it's gonna happen...the pro stadium setup seems like it'd be cool in the back of a little truck...my front end is getting around 12 inches of travel, and that system would keep the back in the same ball park, it seems, depending on the shocks used. since i've already got 16 inch swayaways in the back, seems like i'd be getting right around 16 inches of travel. i've already got a cage/hoop in the bed, that's gonna soon be turned into a full cage, i hope, and it just seems like that'd be an interesting set up to run. any opinions?

if you didn't see the truck, i'm gonna try to explain it here...bear with me. 2 long, not real long, like regular trailing arms you'd think of, but maybe +/-2 feet lower tubular links, heimed at each end. they used two, but i don't see why i couldn't us a triangulated one on top...you know, like a wishbone, heimed on the differential, urethane bushing or heimed at the frame under the cab. the shocks were coil overs, around the size of 16 inches, mounted to the lower tubular link, right near the heim, a few inches from the axle. not a lot of exrta material for bracing, pretty clean looking. shocks were only a few degrees from vertical. it just looked cool, and different.
whaddaya think?? if i can find any pics, i'll post 'em....


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oh well, the attachment didn't work. anybody who maight want to reply to this, go to the skunkz section....


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I had the same question a while back you can look up "1 to 1" 4 link. I like the idea because its easy to tune . The only cons i got back was travel is less and shock velocity is higher than the typical 4 link. I think that mounting the shock at 10-15 deg. would help out with that though .


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that looks like an economical and simple way to have a great suspension in the rear of your truck. Does that truck use a heim on each end of the lower links? if so how is it kept from twisting under the load from the shock? i did not notice any bend in the tube which would put that load below the heims. it looks like the shock is mounted right on top of the rear heim.

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I was talking to Dave at H and M and they said that their working on a simple rear suspension that would work just like the stadium trucks. It's a cheaper and probably plenty efficient rear option for those of us who can't afford a full blown four-link. I think the idea is really gonna start catchhing on. Just my two cents...


It is listed at the top, far right of the page. Go to Skunkz and click. It will be then listed under pro stadium.