rear travel with stock setup


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I've got a 2001 f150, and I'm gonna run a reservoir shock under the bed in the stock location, my question is what size shock will bolt right in (8",10"...etc), and how much travel am I capable of getting?(oh,l i'm also running a set of deavers) . Or is it worth it to build a subframe higher up right under the bed and mount the shock higher up. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance...


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with those springs you are capable of up to 18" of travel. with shocks in the stock location, youd be limited to maybe 12 inches. with the shocks moved, but under the bed, my guess is youd be limited to about 14".



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The guys running in stock full must have there truck stock in the rear with regular leaves and no trailing arms ect. The shocks and resivoirs all have to be under the bed as well, and can't portrude through. Keep in mind they all have a 3 inch body lift, but I think they are running 14's, maybe in some cases 16's. Exact Same setup as yours for the exception of the body lift, so I think you could run 12's no problem if you wanted to. Keep in mind they don't mount them to the stock brackets though, and it sounds like thats what you want to do. I guess if you stayed conservative go with a 10 and it would mount to the stock bracket for sure. A 12, you may need to fab up some of your own. The longer you go with the shock, the more horizontal the shock will be laying to keep it under the bed, if you decide to do your own brackets. If I were you I would get 12's with resivoirs and fab up my own brackets.

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