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Recommended Jeepspeed Axles


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i was wondering if i could get some input as to what everyone uses or suggest as the best axle combos for a jeepspeed build - ford 9 ford 9 - maybe a ford 9 rear dana front - im starting my build and its just one of the things i would like to get out of the way $$$ wise - get them paid for and over with - im sure ill be ordering them from currie just wanted to hear the thoughts of other racers and ppl who have built jeepspeeds on this site to get there imput - the guys at currie have been a big help - anything i want they will build - just wanted an outside opinion - i want to use 4wd setup at first - i have plenty of 2wd front axles i can swap later if i want to run that way - maybe any gear ratio suggestions as well - thanks ppl for all your ideas and help - peace out


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Call chris at Currie. He runs a jeep speed.


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Hp44 front, 9" rear is what most run, a few (1?) have a custom 9" front.


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We run a Diamond Housing 9" in front and a home built 9" in back in our Jeepspeed Wrangler.