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Record Ens-SF

harleys dad

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You should be racing at Rage at the river, over 25 class 12 cars with the top drivers! I have to say the Ojos to the arches is a fantastic event. Good luck and be safe!


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Yes, it is a very good event. It isn´t long, but that doesn´t mean it isn´t fun or challenging. On the Summer edition, about two years ago, we had a flat tire on the motorcycle and we had to go all the way down to Valle de la Trinidad from Highway 3 KM 77 to repair it (it was a mistake not to have a spare tire, we learned from our mistakes). It took us about two hours to go down, repair it and then come back and change it. The trucks were already passing by so the rider had to be very careful from there on. As you might now, for the summer event they start at 1pm (I´m not sure if it is still that time but it was back then), and you have to wait one hour at San Matias. We had no lights, and when we re-started at San Matias, there was not much light time left, so we were verry worried; but the rider did a great job and managed to get to San Felipe. We had a big celebration going on after that, we finished last of our class thanks to that flat tire, but we had finished! haha.
Good luck to everybody this year!!!


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my favorite race all year, wish I wasnt working and had to miss it.