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RECORD Ensenada to San Felipe 250


I might head down to help a friend and his 16 car. Not sure Ill go all the way to San Felipe though..

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B. Everett

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This looks like it's going to have a lot of 16 cars racing. Does mag 7 or someone run pits for this race? I might be able to make it but our team is dealing with medical issues.
Just to remind everyone, this race covers much of the same area that the Baja 500 just did and it is expected to be very hot again!

Let's learn from the last race and not see anyone get hurt or worse.


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260 entries.

31 class 7 Stock
30 class 1/2 1600
25 class 11
13 Class 7
12 Class 5/1600 (La Cochera Racing is in #572)
12 Class Open

This race will be amazing and hot.
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Does anybody have a map for this race? I am not racing it but curious of the layout! Also 260 entries was about the same as the 500! Big Race and buenas suertes to all racing! Drinks lots of water starting NOW!


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I recommend buying the water with alkaline and electrolytes, tastes just like regular water. a bit more money but worth saving your life. and or take some regular electrolytes in case you drink regular water.

Baja Bryan

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RM 150 to the finish can be really hot and lots of whoops. Hydrate days before the race and you will be fine.

randy s

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zip tie a few more plastic water bottles to your cage than usual and bring some hard candy to keep your mouth from getting dry..no one can train for the heat but you can prepare for it by staying in contact with your people, hydrating and bringing something to make shade..it's sometimes hard to come by ..run out of water and hang out without shade in 120 heat and the best athlete on earth won't last long.......also important is to keep telling yourself how much fun it is to be this miserable..tricky


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Can't wait to bake in the sun with all of you. I already have started preparing for the heat. Going to suck but part of baja, learned a lot from the 500 this year. Good luck and be safe down there.

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Will be at RM 214 +- watching the race, some tools etc, a a lot of water, gatorades etc, radio will be on weatherman. Just a heads up

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