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Red Bull Frozen Rush + F1 - Off Road Truck = SNOW RUN


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All in all, not nearly as entertaining as the off road side x side racing competition, but I applaud all parties involved for taking on the challenge to do unique stunts like this. Afterall who remembers the first Red Bull Frozen Rush stunt where no actual racing took place.

Full Video

F1 in the snow as Max Verstappen tackles ski slope in Red Bull car

A Red Bull Snow Run | Red Bull Racing Formula One Team

How can a Formula One car run in the Alps' snow?

This extremely ambitious project has brought about a major logistical challenge. The car that Max Verstappen is to drive is to be transported to the mountain by helicopter, and to be equipped – in an extraordinary move for a Formula 1 car – with studded tyres, to make the first public show run of an F1 car in the Alps possible.

And it's not just the studded Pirelli Sport tyres or slightly higher ride-height that will catch your eye. Look closely and you'll spot the debut of a specially designed interim 'snow livery', just for this event, that will feature the logos of our new partners TAG Heuer andPuma for the 2016 season.


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Pretty cool project.
But guess they have clueless beauracrats as well.

"Kitzbuhel director Michael Berger confirmed the news, saying approval must be given for the driving of any vehicle outside normal traffic or fenced areas, due to the potential for causing damage to nature."

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I was going to quote the same thing. What kind of $#!% is that!!??!!?