Reed wins celebrity kart challenge


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Apr 2, 2009
Murrieta Ca
Jan. 12, 2010
Corona, CA - Two-time AMA Supercross Champion Chad Reed swept an all-star field during the 2nd Annual Monster Energy Extreme Sports Indoor Kart Challenge on Tuesday evening. Reed came from eighth place in the main event to make a last-lap pass on freestyle motocross rider Kenny Bartram for the win.
"I could feel him catching me and knew that he's a regular at Pole Position Raceway," said Bartram. "He really knows how to drive karts! I tried to protect the inside line, but he dove underneath me in the fastest section of the track and there was nothing I could do. He gave me a little push and knocked me back to second. Still it was a lot of fun out there and I would have done the same to him."
"This was really cool," said Reed. "There's a lot of good guys out here tonight and I was going for the win. Turns out motorcycle racers are pretty good on four wheels too, and I think the fans enjoyed it as much as we did."
"It was a great racing against guys like Jeremy McGrath, Andrew Short, Chad Reed and Grant Langston," said Weigand. "There were guys here from almost every aspect of motorcycling and I think we all know who each other are, but don't really have the opportunity to do things together. This is a very unique event and its fun to interact with all of the fans."
"I came here to get Jeremy McGrath's autograph and all of the riders seemed really low key," said Anita Wagstaff. "It was such a relaxing atmosphere for everyone, and you could see that the guys really enjoyed hanging out with each other."
Additional photos can be found at in the gallery section under Corona events. The race was sponsored by Monster Energy Drink, Medieval Times, Corona Motorsports, ZLT, Jagermeister, Dirt Alliance, Spider Grips, Race Tech and Smithline Industries.

1. Chad Reed (AMA Supercross & MX Champion)
2. Kenny Bartram (X-Games Freestyle Motocross Rider)
3. Tim Weigand (International Motorcycle Rider)
4. Myles Richmond (X-Games Freestyle Motocross Rider)
5. Christian Craig (AMA Supercross Rider)
6. Ricky James (Lucas Oil Off Road Racer / X-Games Motocross Rider)
7. Jeremy McGrath (7-Time AMA Supercross Champion)
8. Kurt Caselli (International Motorcycle Racer)
9. Mike Brown (International Motorcycle Racer)
10. Eli Tomac (AMA Supercross Rider)
11. Grant Langston (World & National MX Champion)
12. Greg Hancock (World Speedway Champion)
13. Bret Peterson (Pro Hillclimber)
14. Danny Carlson (Former Honda R&D Rider & Supercross Racer)



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Apr 6, 2009
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This is an awesome shot of Reed sticking it in there for the win!!!

Chad Reed came from eighth spot, and just after they took the white flag, Bartram left this much room on the inside, and Chad took advantage of it, to nudge the Cowboy out of the way.