Regards from switzerland!


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Hi all.

My name is Sascha Brodbeck, im 23years old and im from switzerland!

Here in switzerland, nobody knows what a prerunner or a trophy-truck is. We have no playgrounds to ride with this toys. And on the street those cars are illegal, because we have a really hard law about "working/tuning/fabricating on cars. Its not alowed to weld somthing buy yourself. Actualy you can do nothing on the cars. Its even not allowed to run bigger wheels or tires. You have to go all 2 years to a officiall technical inspection, and those guys check everything if its illegal or do you have replace some spareparts, or have shaftplay somwhere or whatever.....

So but the thing is, im a BIG fan of prerunertrucks. Most i like the look with those wide fenders and big tires.

I have a 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 2WD.

Best regards: Breth