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Perhaps most significantly, Reid reshaped the map of modern Nevada and made it greener. His legislation created Great Basin National Park (that closed great OHV and camping areas) and, decades later, Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area. (That closed the old mint track 1986 and SNORE tracks) The 1998 Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act created a template for auctioning off public land and steering the proceeds into state and local coffers and to conservation efforts including the preservation of Lake Tahoe.

Per Reid, few federal land bills for Nevada have been allowed to pass without provisions to increase protected wilderness. There were 64,000 acres of wilderness in Nevada when Reid entered Congress. Today there are 3.37 million acres.( Reid landed his helicopter for a photo op in the wilderness area not knowing that was against the law)

“Without Harry Reid we wouldn’t have much wilderness in Nevada,” said John Hiatt,(and be better off) conservation chairman of the Red Rock Audubon Society.

Roger Scholl, board chairman of Friends of Nevada Wilderness, said Reid once explained his concern about Nevada’s natural features grew in part from seeing a Boy Scout camp at Piute Springs near his childhood home fall victim to litter and neglect. ( So rather than clean it up lets lock them all out )

PLEASE retire REID in 2016


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They cannot do this legally without NEPA and soliciting public and stakeholder input, Plain and simple, If they did NOT follow NEPA, Then you have a lawsuit to challenge these land use decisions. Where is the access lobby in Nevada? Where are the AG interests? Were are the mining and mineral interests? Why did everybody drop the ball? Im not pointing fingers, But Nevada got boned. Will we continue to let this happen in AZ, CO, and other western states?