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reliable 2 bl carb


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I have 2 trucks in mexico both 1980 bronco and f 150 w 300 six and 4speed. Both carbs suck .
For a no smog swap what would you guys use for this ? mild off roading only. Holley 500 is easy but center hung floats suck .
What about a conversion to GM TBI, the 'lectric Rochester?


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trying to be simple and cheap. I can fab any adapter if needed. Just want to get away from 80s crap carb.


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Side hung 4bbl primary holley bowl bolts right on. Tap and plug the transfer tube outlet. Marine 2bbl bowls are side hung but non adjustable. Run float level a little lower and vent mods with spring loaded needle.


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Motorcraft 2V ford put them on damn near everything for 40 years indestructible carb, just like any carb these days keep the alcohol infested gas away from it.


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I second the Motorcraft 2150 2v best stock carb I have ever used, and they are cheap under $150


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I have run a Holley 500 with a spring loaded needle and seat off road. Worked well, no issues with flooding or bogging in the rough.

Other option is the Offenhouser manifold and a 4 barrel.

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I second a holley 4412 500cfm with the part # 6-513 needle and seat, we also use a piece of brake line to extend the fuel bowl overflow so it doesn't splash into the carb on big bumps. Lots of info out there for tuning/mods and they work well offroad. Should be right around the correct size for your motor, better lower rpm response than a 4 barrel. You can find used ones from the circle track guys pretty cheap.