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Relocating Battery


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Have 94 xtra cab toy. I want to move the battery to the bed (optima red top), what gauge wire should I use? Should I zip-tie it to the frame :) (what should I use to secure it to the frame or cab)? There's a body lift and suspension on it. ANY help on this subject would be helpful. Thanks.


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do you still have the bed??? my toy is an '88, and i moved the battery to the bed. i used either 2 or 4 guage, bought from a local electronics store. i think it's the type that the loud stereo people use. i stripped the end of it, and then covered it in solder, so it looked like it was dipped. went to kragen's battery section, bought a do it yourself battery wire clampy thing, which features two bolts that tighten down a bar over the end of the wire, then to the battery. the ground is straight from the shelves of kragen, a cute little 3 foot piece, bolted to a stock bolt location on the frame. also got a plastic battery box and a metal battery tray, combined the two so it wouldn't budge.

i was told that this little setup wouldn't work, that there'd be too much voltage drop in wire that long, and that the truck wouldn't even turn over. so far, i haven't had a single starting issue-both battery and starter are 3-4 years old. it's not the most high tech, but for a total cost of under $50, my battery is in my bed, out of the way so my front shock cage fits.

this could be put under the disco-tech section, i'm sure. how about POORFAB UNLIMITED???

hope this helps...
Hidesertoy- There is a place in Santa Ana, CA that I just happen to sell some old wheels too and my Neg & Pos relocation cables that I had. I used them for my old Toyota prerunner...It was totalled and so I parted it out. A long while after, I found the cables in the corner of my garage and couldn't give them away. I ended up selling them to Affordable Truck Parts with the wheels. Give them a call...they might still have them. Late!


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I recently replaced the battery cables on my JEEP. I used welding cable and a special type of solder designed for this purpose. A bit of red or black shrink tubing to mark the appropriate end and it looked tight. Don't be silly....use insulated clamps with self taping screws to secure the lines to the frame rails. You can use one screw to mount two clamps facing each other which will locate the cables evenly spread between each other all the way to the destination. Be sure and use rubber grommets or something similiar to protect the cables from any edges when protruding through sheet metal.

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- users no longer part of the rdc family -
For wiring go to a good stereo shop. They will have all your needs and can help you with the gauge of wire based on the intended load. Go big on the wire, it will allow for adding components later and/or will give you longer battery run time ( when the eng. isn't running).You can zip tie the cable ( only pos. needs to run up to the front ) to where ever it will be secure and safe. I would advise using some rubber hose (like fuel line) around the cable where you zip tie it. Also get some good T&B ties so your not replacing them every couple of months. I would also make my own battery tray and hold down. The stuff you can buy at your local parts store is a little weak for off-road use. You don't need a battery box if you are going with a Optima unless you want a cover for the terminals. And last of all don't solder the cables. The best is to use crimp lugs and shrink wrap.



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my friend has a race toyota with his cab still with his battery mounted out back and i would suggest running the cable through the cab if you can because if its underneath and you are running it in the desert you wont have to worry about ripping it off
also if its in the cab. inline you can use a battery disconnect switch too
as far as size bigger is better


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I'm with Junior. Use welding cable. I used welding cable when I relocated my battery to the trunk of my 67 Nova. Was easy to work with and you should have 0 problems. Colored shrink tubing to mark the ends is perfect.
Definately use rubber grommets and secure the cable with the insulated screw mounted clamps. Zip ties are only for fitting purposes.

Good luck!


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I bought a battery tray from Mckenzies in Anaheim along with a relocating kit that they sell. It came with all the necesary hardware to complete the task. The kit cost about $50 bucks but eliminated all guesswork.


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true, you don't need a full case to cover the battery, but i didn't like the idea that anybody could mess with it since it was right out in the open. my alarm wire is clamped right on to the terminal, and i didn't like it being exposed. that's why i went with the box. just my opinion...