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replacement shocks for tacoma


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I have a 98 Tacoma Prerunner, and I wanted to replace my rear shocks to something that won't bottom out as fast on jump landings. The last time I jumped, the shocks bottomed out fast, and my rear frame bent. I am saving up for other mods and wanted a quick temporary fix. What would you recomend a cheap replacement shock would be which would cater better for whoops and jumps?


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I would think that you would want to look into springs at the same time as the shocks. They go hand in hand when trying to accomplish what you are trying to do. If you are jumping it, you probably need a lot of add-ons. You could also try adding bump shocks to ease the landings, but then you may have too much rebound. You then of course need more add-ons to correct that.



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I'm going to get springs with shocks hoops through the bed, but I am currently saving for the front and will have the front done soon. I just want to have something temporary that will work better than the stock bilstiens.


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Send those Bilsteins you have back to them and have them revalved!
Cheaper then buying other shocks.

my opinion..


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Hey Shaun I bet if you come out to the clean up tomorrow you can find some good advice on what you can do. There is going to be some people there with plenty of knowledge and I am sure the info you are searching for.



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I have a buddy who did a custom under-the-bede solutionon his Tacoma. He had new shock mounts made underneath the bed (along with some Deaver springs) and 10" Bilstein 7100s w/ reservoirs ($140 a piece). He loves it as a stop gap til he goes through the bed. Or get some real Bilstein 5100s for an even cheaper solution (much better shock than the TRD Bilsteins).

If you don't have too much money to spend on the back right now, plan on not jumping, you really should do the rear properly if you want travel and to be jumping all the time.


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deaver spring pack: up to 13-15" travel, $450
we are also a bilstein distributor.

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