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Replacing rear torsion in a 5/1600


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As some of you are aware, we had a mishap a Ridgcrest that left the rear torsion of our car in total loss. We're in the process of replacing in now but have run into a few questions.
#1 - it is obvious that the mounting points for the trailing arms have been beefed up, including a larger bolt. Is there a kit for this? Any suggestions or "secrets"?
#2 - during the wreck the torsion adjusters tried to tear out of the housing. What's the best way to strengthen things up around there?
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance - Jeremy #571


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Did you get my email ? Yes there are after market kit for the mounts but you need to be careful there are differant types. On two of my cars there is a tube that runs across to support the bar.