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Replacing stock suspension


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Hey everyone, I know this is not what y'all really do here but yall have probably forgot more than I'll ever learn about this stuff. I have a 2000 Dodge Ram 3500 diesel that i want to change the front coil spring suspension with a different setup. I am a fabricator and own/run a machine shop for a living so having to make something to make it work is perfectly fine.
I'm originally thinking of running like a Fox 2.0 coil-over but i don't know if i need another shock to help assist it or even what size and weight i guess you say to consider. Truck is a mobile welding truck as well pulls a horse trailer when loaded is around 20,000 lbs. Don't know if thats a factor to consider as well.
Here's a pic from what i assume was a Sema truck and may just be for show than practicality, idk you tell me. Thanks in advance


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There are several companies out there that sell exactly what you need to improve the suspension on your truck. I would look up KORE suspension and consider purchasing what you need from them. They built a Dodge Cummins powered race truck that worked really well.


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Don't forget thurenfabrication.com. There is enough suspension stuff available for your Cummins, you don't need to build anything. Pick a desire and a budget and it's available.