Requesting help building my 2000 chevy s10

I want to make my 2000 Chevy S10 into a prerunner for the sand dunes and don't know were to start. Im talking full long travel king suspension with a canalever rear end but don't really know were to start. Any ideas? Where should I start.
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S-10 suspension was a carry-over from the discontinued Chevelle line of passenger cars. Weak starting point.

You can't begin to build anything competitive with a 87-94 Toyota Pickup or newer Tacoma or almost any Ford Ranger.

At pretty much any cost.

Even for just building a mall-cruiser "pre-runner," the S-10 is not a good choice.

Finally, in the end, you can buy a finished truck for dimes compared to its build costs.

Check the rdc classifieds, and elsewhere, like Desert Rangers, etc.

1993 Toyota Pickup

2000 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner

There's a couple Toys. Here's a couple pre-runners:

Price drop.. Ranger Big block ford, C6 AC, Heat C&D built.

1997 Ranger Linked 4wd prerunner

What kind of budget do you have? Do you have a daily driver as well as the S-10?

How about a trailer, and a 3/4 ton truck or 'burb to pull it?

Have fun!
As you see, those OFF-ROAD articles are 10 and 15 years old, respectively, and parts prices aren't as cheap/available as Toy/Ranger bits because there is a smaller market for S-10 stuff, so skim pricing marketing is more effectively utilized when marketing to the S-10 fans.

So, what is your budget and planned use for your S-10?


I owned an 89' S-10 back in the mid-90's for a few years. I loved the 4.3l and it was a fun truck while I had it. But it was an awful prerunner and never had enough (reliable) travel to give me confidence to pound through the whoops at Glamis. Just before I sold it I collected and added up all the receipts and it was then that I realized I would only get pennies on the dollar for it. The Currie Ford 9" I bought brand spankin' new was probably worth more than the whole truck at that point. I invested way too much $$$$ into a terrible platform but it was a learning lesson. You would be wise to listen to what others are saying. You don't want to hear this but it's reality...

The S-10 is a great little pickup truck but it's a terrible platform for use in the dunes and/or the desert. Build something else.

You can brake a truck or break a truck, but you can only break a heart.

Good luck, but don't throw your money away on an S-10 project.


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According to the budget you posted, you almost have enough to buy this....
96 GMC Sonoma Prerunner
Yes, save yourself a bunch of work and just buy that one.

But if you're set on building your own and the pic in your avatar is your truck then it looks like you have a Zr2. Which is a different chassis than the 2wd s10. And in that case this is the only real long travel kit available for that truck.

S10 / ZR2 4x4 LT Kit

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I had an 88 s-10. The rear axles are super weak. I destroyed 4 of them the control arm mounts suck. The only decent parts are the engine and trans. There is zero support for the 4.3 vortec. The t.b.i. motors have decent support. Cut the frame and I beam it or buy a Ford. You will be time and money ahead. If you have good fab skills than build this truck. But it will mostly be all one off parts. Not muck off the shelf stuff. Fabtech used to build a lot for the two wheel drive but the geometry and spring rates suck. It would basically lock the front end out when braking . Too much anti dive .