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On Topic Rescheduled, postponed, canceled races and events


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The Best in the Desert Silver State 300 officially postponed. Obviously the pre run is cancelled altogether.

press release should be out today at some point.

Even with the possibility that Nevada and the rest of the country might be off house arrest on the 30th, the reality is the infrastructure and support from all the businesses for the race may or may not be ready at that point and it simply isn’t worth not being able to put in a high quality event that Best in the Desert is committed to.

Rescheduled is the goal with dates to follow.

Curtis Guise

SCORE Announces Revised Schedule for 2020

SCORE International officials have been closely monitoring the current Corona Virus (COVID-19) health issues in both the United States (U.S.) and Mexico. After further analysis with Mexican Federal, State and Municipal authorities, race teams, sponsors as well as promotors from other racing organizations, SCORE International is revising its “SCORE World Desert Championship” for 2020 to a three (3) race series.

Because of the economic impact and in support of our racers, the 2nd SCORE Baja 400 will not take place with the 34th SCORE San Felipe 250 running in September and the 53rd SCORE Baja 1000 moving from a point-to-point race to a single loop race. The revised schedule is as follows:

52nd Baja 500 – June 17-21

The race will be based in Ensenada, B.C. Mexico. The event will include qualifying for Trophy Truck, Trophy Truck Legends, Class 1 and Trophy Truck Spec classes.

34th San Felipe 250 – September 16-20

The event will include qualifying for Trophy Truck, Trophy Truck Legends, Class 1 and Trophy Truck Spec classes. Finishing positions in the San Felipe 250 will determine start positions for the Baja 1000.

53rd Baja 1000 – November 17-22

This will be a single loop race based in Ensenada, B.C. Mexico and will close the 2020 SCORE class championship.

SCORE will continue to monitor the current COVID-19 status, recommendations of both the U.S. and Mexico governments, and will make adjustments as required.

At SCORE International your safety and health is our priority. Please follow the guidelines established by your health officials and STAY AT HOME TODAY, SO YOU CAN GO TO THE RACES TOMORROW.


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We may just do the entire SCORE series, now that its only 3 races and the B1K is loop. Haha. I wonder how this will effect entries?



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We thought the first 90 days of 2020 was a packed scheduled, with conspiracy theories and promoter drama..can't imagine what the last 90 look like.
October. Everyone is scheduling for October. My team is currently scheduled for 9 events in 5 October weekends.

Curtis Guise

ANy news about LOORS may 8-9 in Chandler AZ?
This was released today.

Hello again to our LOORRS Teams, Staff, Sponsors and Fans. We hope this communication finds you safe and healthy.

Much has happened since our last correspondence. We have been diligently following all federal and local news updates regarding COVID-19.

We here at LOORRS have continued preparing and are ready to go racing again! We were hoping to have the opportunity to race at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park on May 8-9, 2020. However, the odds seem to be stacked against us.

Although Wild Horse Pass is still on schedule to begin re-opening on May 1st, they have asked us to postpone our event date once again. Understandably, they need some time to get things up and running again. In addition, the Gila River Indian Community (GRIC) is still monitoring the effects of COVID-19 on their community daily. They need a little more time to assess that we are acting in a way that is safe for the community. Also, we are still awaiting a response to our communication with Governor Doug Ducey of The State of Arizona. We need to be certain that we are on the same page with both GRIC and the State of Arizona.

We are tentatively looking at new dates of June 5-6, 2020. These would still be Friday and Saturday night races. We are also considering revising the normal practice and qualifying schedules to accommodate the Arizona heat in the month of June. We are considering adding an additional practice day (Wed & Thurs) and moving all on-track activities to the nighttime (practice, qualifying and racing). These decisions are not complete just yet, but we wanted everyone to know we are working hard to put on an event on the new track at Chandler!

We hope to know more in the next week and we will keep everyone posted on our progress.


Ritchie Lewis
Director of Race Operations
Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series


This was released today.
Thanks. I started to bug them at the end of last week but couldn't get an official answer. Being that I live ten minutes from the track and based on the way the safety guidelines in AZ have been I was doubtful this was gonna happen.

looks like its changed on the LOORS site now to the new dates.

FWIW- In June we have an average high temperature of 105 degrees in June and have an average low of 76 (at like 3 AM). We are scheduled to hit our first 100 degree day of the year this Friday. It is going to be hot AF. Lets hope this doesn't get scooted back further into July. That would be even hotter.

Curtis Guise

McKENZIE’S 300 Update!

MORE has been monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak closely over the past weeks. This week San Bernardino County opened back up all County owned parks, trails, and lakes for passive recreation on a limited scale. The County is also allowing the opening of city and privately owned parks, trails, lakes and golf courses. That being said, there are still strict social distancing mandates in place, but it is our hope that these mandates will be lifted before McKENZIE’S 300 on May 16. If county mandates do not allow the McKENZIE’S 300 to be ran as scheduled, MORE has secured an alternative date of June 6 for the the race to be held. Whether the race is held in May or June all of the “Social Distancing” efforts that we put in place for the Transaxle Engineering Challenge last month will still be in place at the McKENZIE’S 300.

•Main Pit will be extended allowing more space for each race team.
•TECH/REGISTRATION will be by appointment only
•Only the driver of record and one additional person may attend the TECH/REGISTRATION appointment
•All paperwork must be submitted online (Driver of Record will receive all bands at the appointment)
•All credit card payments must be processed online before registration.
•Driver’s Meeting will be broadcast over the MORE Relay radio frequency.
•Race staging area will be closed. (Only 1 pit crew member will be permitted in the staging area)
MORE will continue to monitor San Bernardino County Health mandates closely and provide updates to our race family as they are made. Looking forward to seeing you all back in the desert on May 16!

Curtis Guise



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Allen's been talking with BLM about our May 16th Wendover race, and the course is approved. It's really up to the state of Nevada at this point as to whether we can have a gathering of more than 10 people...even outside. Fingers crossed...but we're not calling it off just yet.

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