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J Prich

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Gonna be the nature of the beast for the back end of the year unfortunately. A lot of overlapping events.

Curtis Guise

On the MORE site it has the SNORE/MORE combo race as 12/2020 (No actual date) and in Laughlin. So I'm guessing that means Rage at the River is the combo race this year Dec 10-13?

Whoevers job it is NOT to update the SNORE website is doing great at it. :rolleyes:
Maybe @Jeffers909 can let us know the latest updates on the MORE schedule and which ones are combined with SNORE. Usually RATR is combined. They have done it with the September race in the past.


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Updated MORE 2020 Jamar Championship Series Schedule:

June 6. McKENZIE'S 300, Lucerne Valley, CA
July 11-12. GG Lighting Freedom Cup, Glen Helen Raceway, CA
Sept. 12. PCI Race Radios 300, Lucerne Valley, CA
Dec. 12-13. SNORE/MORE Rage at the River (Tentative)



Just got word today that the Flagstaff Overland Expo event is canceled. (July 24-26).

I have not been at home this many weekends in a row in like 8 years. My travel schedule used to make me homesick sometimes. Now I am getting sick of home LOL.

Slippery P

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Just got word today that the Flagstaff Overland Expo event is canceled. (July 24-26).

I have not been at home this many weekends in a row in like 8 years. My travel schedule used to make me homesick sometimes. Now I am getting sick of home LOL.
The bunny ranch is missing you 😔


The bunny ranch is missing you
Right? And now I’m missing a Reno trip since they moved the ultra 4 championship race to Oklahoma. I’m
Kinda hyped though because while I love that event it’s about the same miles for me to go to Oklahoma and there’s less hills and I get to visit a new venue. Tell the ladies hi for me.

Wendell #527

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It’s a great problem we have with too many events causing overlapping. I’m stoked it’s coming back. Bring it on! Better than no racing.


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I have been making updates daily to keep our calendar up to date. I am also starting this thread to post all changes in races and events. Anyone is welcome to post an update also if I haven't covered it already. Lets keep this thread strictly to facts about what is happening with each event.

  • MORE race March 21st is canceled. (see attachments)
  • NORRA Mexican 1000 rescheduled to October 3rd-10th.
  • NORRA 500 is canceled.
  • Ultra4 Stampede March 20th is canceled.
  • BITD March 21st is postponed, date TBD.
  • AMA District 38 March 21st race postponed, date TBD.
  • Jump Champs May 9th is canceled.
  • Merzouga Rally is canceled.
  • Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge is being postponed, date TBD.
  • Dubai International Baja is being postponed, date TBD.
  • Easter Jeep Safari is canceled.
  • Pro Baja - Total La Paz Grand Prix Circuit, rescheduled, July 18th-19th.
  • Pro Baja - Total Rancho Short Course, rescheduled, August 15th-16th
  • Off-Road Expo, Scottsdale AZ rescheduled to Oct. 17th-18th.
  • Finke race in Australia is canceled.
  • AZOP Yuma Grand Prix March 28-29th is being postponed, date TBD.
  • WORCS, schedule is being updated.
  • Pikes Peak Hill Climb is rescheduled to August 30th.
  • NorCal Rock Racing April 10th-11th is postponed, date TBD.
  • STORR Doomsday 100 April 10th-11th, Canceled.
  • WRC Rally Argentina, Portugal and Italy postponed, dates TBD.
  • King of the Kastle, Oregon UTV race, rescheduled for Oct. 10th-11th
  • AZOP P Mountain Hare Scrambles is postponed, date TBD.
  • Pro Baja - Dos Mares 500 in La Paz is postponed, date TBD.
  • Off Road Nights Expo in Del Mar is rescheduled, Sept 12th-13th.
  • DP4 Round 3 (UTV race), Johnson Valley, CA. May 23rd.
  • SCORE Baja 400 is canceled.
  • SCORE San Felipe 250, rescheduled for Sept 22nd-27th.
  • SCORE Baja 1000, Nov. 17th-22nd. (Loop race).
  • BITD Battle Born 250 is most likely canceled, the Jagged X National Desert Cup is taking its place on Sept. 24-27th in Laughlin.
  • VORRA June 5-6- Wild West is canceled.
  • VORRA Fallon 250 July 17-18
  • VORRA Yerington 300 Labor Day September 5-6
  • VORRA Prairie city halloween short course. October 30-31
  • BOR Wendover, NV race is canceled.
  • LOORRS season opener rescheduled for July 24-25, Wild West Motorsports Park, Reno.
  • RECORD Ensenada to San Felipe is rescheduled to June 26-28.
  • ORS Cryo Heat 200 is postponed, date TBD.
  • BITD Silver State 300 is rescheduled to June 25-27.
  • Pure UTV series dates have been updated. First race is June 20th.
  • SNORE Battle at Primm is rescheduled to October 9-11th.
  • Forest County Potawatomi Crandon Brush Run is rescheduled to September 25-27th.
  • Silkway Rally has been Canceled.
  • MORE McKenzies 300 is rescheduled to June 6th in Lucerne Valley, CA
  • MORE GG Lighting Freedom Cup is rescheduled to July 11-12, Glen Helen Raceway, CA
  • MORE PCI Race Radios 300 is on schedule for Sept. 12th, Lucerne Valley, CA
  • SNORE/MORE Rage at the River Dec. 12-13 (Tentative)
  • SADR Tequila 150 is reschedule to July 10th - 11th.
  • Lucas Oil Regional Series AZ and SoCal dates are updated in the calendar.
  • COR short course series updated race schedule has been added to the calendar.
  • SCORE Baja 500 will not happen in July. Waiting for schedule update from SCORE.

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