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Researching Bronco History for upcoming book


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I am happy to report that I have signed a contract to write a book about the history of the Ford Bronco in off road racing and rally. The book is being published by Car Tech out of Minnesota. I never thought of myself as a book author after years of magazine writing but here I am and I am looking to the off road racing community for any help I can find.

Photos is the biggest project associated with the book, my editor wants an amazing amount of them. On top of my own archives I have some old photographers I have already contacted and am happy that so far everyone has been very accommodating. I was wondering what you all have in our archives? On your walls? In your photo albums?

If you actually ran, or currently run a Bronco I would like to hear from you as well. Whether it was back in the day or recently in NORRA or are you planning a Bronco Type R build.

I see that the upcoming Mexican 1000 has a large Bronco entry and I am planning on attending the event. If you are entered I would also like to hear from you. I am toying with the idea of embedding myself with a team. I have chase and towing experience (professional driver for many years trucks, motorhomes and towing race cars across country) and you would most likely be prominently featured in sections of the book and possibly in other articles non-related to the book. So if you need an extra body or two (I have a friend who we have tackled many adventures together, he's the better mechanic of the two of us) let me know as well.

I could go on and on, but for now I am just starting out on this 9-12 month project and I am hoping to give big props to the Race-Dezert community in the book! Some could even find themselves with a autographed copy.


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We are racing the Parker 425 this Friday in the vintage class. Our family has a lot of history racing Broncos if you want any info let me know!


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I have a Stroppe related guy you would be well advised to talk w or meet. Just happened to be a Chinese dude toting a camera from 1968 to ?? While racing w them.


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A book like this one ? Ted got his copy too....


jon coleman

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Broncos are easy to race prep& bulletproof, i was the lucky prep guy for Robert Haley, 95' score class 3 champ, aaaa, good ol' days( pic - TJ contingency, Revolucion blvd.gnarley!)


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I know a guy that has this friend that once met his cousins sister
I’ll have them reach out to ya.
What a cool project!!!!!


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I know a guy who wrote a book about the Ford Bronco, its racing history, etc... And he has restored several Broncos that raced, including the one above. I don't know if his cousin has a sister.