Reservations for Parker


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I just called to make the reservations for my team at Parker. I called just about every hotel (there may be a couple I didn't know about), and they're all booked, except the Stardust hotel. They have two "3 bed" rooms left (at $90 each). The number is (928) 669-2278. You can also try a couple of the resorts about 5 miles away...Arizona Shores Resort (667-2685) and Bransens (667- 3346). I don't know if they have vancancies, but they were suggested by the C of C. I was told by one of the hotels near the course that they were booked months ago, so if you haven't made your reservations yet, you better do it now.

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Another sugestion for all the teams is renting a RV and camping...there are tons of RV parks in Parker and free RV camping at the Gaunlet area.